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Make Ivara Prime's skirt completely out of energy


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Not all of us appreciate the jellyfish look for Ivara Prime. Personally I had hoped more for a huntress look. If Ivara Prime's skirt was made completely and only out of energy instead of energy + a plastic foil layer that can be seen when the energy is set to black, both parties could be satisfied. The eones who wanted the huntress look can turn the skirt off and keep the amazing looking chest and hip and leg pieces and those who don't can keep energy colored and retain the skirt.

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1 hour ago, Senguash said:

Use a skin.

You don't understand... maybe some images will make it clearer:
AQlgQYr.jpgThis is Ivara Prime with all energy channels that affect the skirt turned to black


This is my Ivara fashion with prime details and the TennoGen Youkai skin
This is the exact same fashion with prime details turned off.

What I want is the ability to remove the skirt (purple in the upper image) and be able to still keep the parts on the shoes, knees, chest and arms because they look pretty. The only thing I want is to be able to opt out of the skirt.

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