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The Amalgamates!


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my idea is simple so we have

Grineer Liches

we will get 

The Infested Type

The Corpus Type

What if we could combine them all somehow like with some genetic lab or something into a literal rival like the one they had in the emperyan demo

their weapon could be all unique and powerful

could be harder to kill and actually require alot of time like they showed with the original concept for the king pin system

The Amalgamates i call them

the 3 main factions warriors merged by some accident or on purpose 

these warriors would be stronger smarter and more powerful in terms of hierarchy meaning they could have their own minions or fleets like they showed before

so what do you lads think? 

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between the Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Corrupted and Sentients, we already have more than enough people to fight against, and I'm not about to go full Alad V in my Tenno lab and create a monstrosity for lols.

I'd rather just wait for Corpus versions of Liches and Railjack missions, I really want to see some proper laser battles in space and try out some new and improved Corpus Weaponry!

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The Wolf of Saturn 6 was a Grineer prisoner who Alad V experimented on, using sentient "cells"... So I guess it would be possible for a kuva lich to level up further and become an amalgam lich. 


Just as Arlo's light could bring us hive liches, although, lorewise it makes no sense. Since everyone now knows he's gone. 


As for corrupted, I would love to see that as the void is really disconnected from everything, and would love to hear more from Vor and his Janus key. However, that would make the lich truly immortal and bound to the void. 

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