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Venari and Pets in general. Also somewhat about Set Mods.


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So, every time I think "I'm going to mod my kavat today" and I go a few rounds leveling and slapping formas, I'm instantly hit with "How do I mod this cat?". Half of the slots are taken up by mandatory mods (Health link, armour link, pack leader, cat skills.) which got me thinking..

Is there any reason why Companions and Pets can't just.. have their abilities be passive triggers? Like, why do we need the mod slots for them? They take up anywhere from 2/3 mod slots, and those mod slots would allow for infinitely more viable companion builds in general. I'm sure my opinion will be disregarded, since loot vacuum should be a passive but it ain't, but I feel like just making some of these mandatory mods passives and just removing said mod cards from the game. Some of these set bonuses are genuinely quite good, but I'm finding it damn near impossible to actually make a build without having to sacrifice mandatory mods or Quality of Life stuff (Loot vacuum, for example, in a loot driven game.) 

Also, why doesn't the Hunter Set Bonus apply to Venari? And if it does, why doesn't the Set Bonus scale for each mod on Venari? Is there any good reason as to why, or is it because "You can do 600 damage with her tag, maybe a bit more if it crits."?

Anyway, how would one fit something like Viral on a pet without having to sacrifice a QoL thing, or a "make your pet take more than one level 60 bombard rocket before dying"? While dual stats are a nice gesture, there isn't really any room for that stuff when you need stuff like Bite and Maul to make your pet do any damage (which, again, leaves you with barely any slots after Health/Armour/BleedoutDelay/PetSkills/LifeStealLink).

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