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Harpasto, the Baseball Warframe


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(I have no Image, but I hope to get one in the future.)

With the crack of his bat, the game begins. This is Harpasto, the sportsman, the Oddball. 

Will you step up to the plate, Tenno?”



Shields: 100

Health: 100

Armor: 50

Sprint Speed: 1.75 meters per second

Energy: 275 (450 at Max)


Passive: Safe!

When Harpasto slides, he knocks away enemies in his path. Upon sliding 5 meters, Harpasto gains an Overshield that lasts until broken.


1: Whack!

25 Energy

Smack a ricocheting ball at an enemy, dealing 275 Impact Damage. The ball ricochets between enemies up to six times, dealing 75 bonus damage with each bounce. Base damage and amount of ricochets is increased by Power Strength.


2: Home Base!

25 Energy

Plant up to 4 Bases. You can slide to these Bases from up to 35 meters away. Sliding Distance is modified with Power Distance.


3: Catch! & Pitch!

10 Energy initially, 25 Energy to Recast

Catch: Take an Umpire’s stance, catching any projectiles and storing the damage in an angle in front of Harpasto.

Pitch: Upon casting the ability again, you throw a ball with all the damage stored from Catch. The ball detonates upon impact, dealing the stored damage in a 9-meter radius around the main target. 



55 Energy

Slide up to an enemy and hit them with your bat at Mach 3, turning them into a hard-hitting projectile. The hit enemy knocks away all enemies that are in its path, and the hit enemy will be dealt intense damage (500 times the amount of enemies it hit).


Harpasto resembles a modern baseball player, with a brim over his brow, cleat-like foot-wear, and circular ports on his left hand's palm and fingertips. On his back, there is an inscription of "10-0" in Tenno script on his back, with the Tenno script for "Hey, Batter Batter, Swing!" on his forearms. He has white and red for his main colors, with grey tertiary and black accents. He summons a bat of energy when he performs Whack! or HOME RUN!

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