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Kuva Ogris and Tonkor VFX


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The explosions and projectiles from both weapons feel a bit... underwhelming. Not in terms of damage, but rather the appearance and feel of the weapons trails and detonations. Even with a explosion radius mod for Tonkor, it feels less "oomph"-y and the Ogris rockets feel smaller and sadder compared to the original Ogris' rocket trails and smoke effects. The new Ogris rockets look like a thermal dart flying out instead of an actual rocket and Tonkor feels like the grenades have a lot smaller of an explosion radius (I know it's not that much smaller, about one unit's worth less).

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10 hours ago, (PS4)Singularity-X1 said:

Tonkor feels like the grenades have a lot smaller of an explosion radius

Are you talking about Kuva variants? Because yeah, Kuva Tonkor got nerfed in that regard, sadly
(look at the stats in the Arsenal, Radial Attack -> Range, only 5m compared to the regular one's 6m).

Personally, I don't think we really need to turn up visuals on AoE weapons any further,
the game turns into a particle effects nightmare often enough already 😛

(Dunno, does PS4 have the "Ludicrous Particles" option? That certainly makes e.g. Ogris look pretty enough, I find.)

... that said, the "distortion" effect that has replaced projectile trails in many cases is indeed a bit ... eh,
e.g. my Telos Boltor's shots are pretty hard to see thanks to that, just makes using it feel worse than before somehow.

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Yes, i'm talking about the Kuva variants. What i'm trying to say is that the Kuva variants of the weapons visual effects are not as rewarding as their standard counterparts. The standard Ogris rocket and trail looks a lot better than Kuva Ogris, and the Kuva Tonkor's explosion is a lot less pleasing to look at than the standard Tonkor.

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