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Kuva Bramma animation bugs


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1. Bow string draw speed and arrow draw speed are not synchronized: at exactly 0.69 charge rate (Critical Delay + Rank 1 Vigilante Fervor) they will draw in sync.

- At a lower charge rate (faster draw), the arrow will be drawn back ahead of the string and the string will teleport to full draw at the end of the animation. 

- At a higher charge rate (slower draw), the string will draw to full tension before the arrow reaches the final position.

2. Alternate arrow skins don't have the correct placement (Warframe holds the arrow by the middle of the shaft, probably a mis-assigned node on the skeleton.)

3. Strange lights spawn in when the bow is fully drawn (very similar to the Lenz "jets") and they seem to be "attached" in terms of movement to the ends of the bow but they are very far back and away from the bow itself. I dont know if they were supposed to be highlights for the glowing ends of the bow but they are very out of place.

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