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DE PLEASE rework Dojo construction!


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Due to various reasons, usually rooms not fitting where i want them to I am on my third reconstruction of my dojo, and everytime its over a week of destroying 1 or 2 rooms at a time to get back to where i need to be to try again. not to mention why do i have to have the 2 smaller grand halls to have the 2 decent halls (Grand and Grandest) please  please PLEASE give us the option to plan layout in advance, I dont mind construction 1 room at a time but come on help us out here! This is what I would suggest...

If you have permission to construct in your clan dojo when you hit Esc you have the option to enter "Construction mode" allowing you to plan your layout before building anything, chaining rooms together, turning them the way you desire, and planning additional rooms past the next room and beyond, indeed as a brand new clan dojo you should be able to use this mode to plan out your entire dojo and then when everything is the way you want it a construction order is set as a room by room basis/energy/child & parent room requirements (although please remove child/parent from all clan halls seriously so silly) when this is done and locked in, material cost is quoted room by room as well as having the option to contribute past the next room in the queue and construction will start automatically on the next room when it is finished constructing the current room. Similarly if you do need to destroy a chain of rooms you could set a deconstruction order and chain a bunch of rooms for destruction instead of having to do that 1 at a time too.

This would save so much time and headache when trying to create our clan Dojos, as I said I'm on my third rebuild because the goddang railjack dock is so big trying to centralise it is a total headache. I want my tidy clan hall that doesn't rely on telepads to every room in order to get about! I think i asked it twice already but PLEASE REMOVE CHILD/PARENT RESTRICTION FROM CLAN HALLS TOO! the initial 2 door clan halls are so worthless i just do not understand their purpose except as long corridors or as elitist clan leader/second in command private rooms but as you have to build them before you can build your 6 door halls their value as these is completely wasted. 

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