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A plea for pvp


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Hello, Im not a big talker but as someone who mainly plays conclave when they get on warframe(there are people like me, DE), can we please get even basic balancing? Im not even asking for what NEEDS to happen to make conclave successful, that would be too long of a topic for me to even try to speak on.. Im just asking for you to make it playable at least.. you can 1 hit with primarys and melees now and there hasnt been any amount of attention payed to conclave in forever. 

I know im just asking what many have been asking lately, but i figured speaking up one more time wont hurt because i cant even play warframe and enjoy it at this point. 


Conclave may not be a main focus of DE, I understand that, but maybe with the very absolute minimal effort put in we could get a few quick hotfixes to make it playable at least? 🙏

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