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Anybody else wish there was a "randomly join in need Star Chart mission" button?


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Something like duty finder in FFXIV. Sometimes I just wish there was a button to put me into some random mission that needs other players.

Saw this idea on reddit from u/Gravijah and did a quick Ctrl + V here so more people can see it.

I think it would be awesome to help new players unlocking the starchart and/or give bored players something to do!

reddit post if anyone is interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/f1ya13/anybody_else_wish_there_was_a_randomly_join_in/

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So "Quick Play," essentially. Sure, I've suggested stuff like that in the past. I'd personally like a more comprehensive Quick Play system, though - specifically one which accounted for both client and host games. But yes - the ability to hit "Quick Play" and be randomly thrown into a mission without you having to pick one off the Star Chart would be idea. Bonus points if I can filter the mission by type, level, planet, faction, etc.

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