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Warframe has destroyed my entire Steam library



I have  been fighting with this program for the past four days. My computer happened to have a power outage that caused Steam to stop recognizing WF. I know that I can edit the appmanifest. I have been doing that for a while, and it's been working. It has ceased working. 

I delete the app. I reinstall the app. It's an hour install, but I have to sit here babysitting it because every 500MB or so I get a disk write error. So then I have to DEMAND that the STUPID PROGRAM CONTINUIE INSTALLING. No, Warframe, it's NOT impossible for you to download TextureDx9.toc, TRY AGAIN. And it downloads it successfully, but then it has problems with ANOTHER piece of the install, and ANOTHER, and then ANOTHER. And the whole time I have to hold its hand and say NO, YOU CAN INSTALL THAT PIECE. DO IT.

and now it's landed me with a program that doesn't launch. Depending on Steam's mood when I open it, NOTHING will launch anymore. Apparently I don't own ANY games anymore. I have tried defragging my hard drive. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling steam and warframe and restarting my computer countless times. I've installed this goddamn game alone more than half a dozen times. This is just my life now. Hours and hours of each day, gone. I don't eat, I don't shower, I don't remember to get up and MOVE, I just beat my head against this goddamn program until I'm too exhausted to go on.

it doesn't have to be this...this goddamn...How do you make a program that annihiliates everything else just because it crashes one too many times? How? Why? What is. What is happ-ening here. I don'tgn xd,zjsb f l l l

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this sounds like your Hard Disk has produced some Bad Sectors or other writing damage/errors.

this is usually correctable, there are some Utilities built into Windows that can probably offer what you need at this time.
open Explorer, right click on the Drive that is having the issues (whichever Drive you install your Steam Apps to, if you have just one Drive in the system then it's definitely that one), Properties, Tools, and run the Error Checking.
you will probably be prompted about trying to run this, yes, you do want to run this right now.

this can also be run from Command Line, but, this way should generally suffice.
please note, that running ChkDsk (what that button will run) depending on the size of the Drive, can take a very long time. expect an hour at minimum, if the Drive is very large and/or it does have some actual longstanding issues, it can take dramatically longer (in extreme cases this could take multiple days).
so only start this when you don't need to use the system for a while.


in addition, it may be good to read the SMART health of the Drive. the unofficial 'industry standard', is Crystal Disk Info.
SMART data will be shown, with an overall indicator of the Drive health, as well as colorized indicators next to each piece of SMART data. you're really looking for just if one of these values is reporting as very far outside the norm, which would be indicated by red. if something else isn't blue, that doesn't mean it's the end of days, but it does mean that something about the Drive isn't operating the way it is normally supposed to.
which if that is the case, may be an indication to replace the Drive at some point in the future, but there not being an immediate rush to. if something is red and ergo operating really far outside of the normal range, then you should probably make it a much higher priority to replace the Drive.

but, everything could be fine, and don't worry about any of the results too much until after the Drive Check is completed.

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19 hours ago, Densoro said:

My computer happened to have a power outage...

For desktop computer or computer without battery, maybe use uninterruptible power supply to keep the computer on during power outage for maybe 10 minutes, long enough to safely quit game and shut down. In North America, United States, I use APC BX1500G and it works fine for years over a few power outage, no sudden power off, giving me about 10 or more minutes to shut down desktop tower computer with no corruption.

19 hours ago, Densoro said:

... that caused Steam to stop recognizing WF. I know that I can edit the appmanifest. I have been doing that for a while, and it's been working. It has ceased working.

For the best chance to work, close down and exit Steam, restore manifest file, then start up Steam. As long as you didn't start downloading Steam Warframe this might work. I only had steam randomly uninstall Warframe (missing manifest file) after a few BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), caused by my CPU and RAM speed overclocked too much on Ryzen 2400g, now stable and works at lower clock speed.

19 hours ago, Densoro said:

and now it's landed me with a program that doesn't launch.

Where are you installing Steam games in? C drive? D Drive? Try to change the location of install if you have multiple disk drive.

19 hours ago, Densoro said:

Apparently I don't own ANY games anymore.

Logged in with the correct Steam account with your games in it, and not the wrong Steam account with nothing owned?

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