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Creating a hybrid polearm zaw


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Right now I am farming for a hybrid polearm zaw with the cyath and seekalla. I guess I'd go for speed, but I'm not completely sure. I also have a riven for the cyath which right now has nearly 90% status chance, duration, and toxin. I just got the trusted rank with the ostron. Is it worth farming for around a week to get the next rank for Jai ii? Or should I just get a ekwana ii Jai, with 10% crit or maybe vargeet ii jai since my riven already has status? 

Edit - My riven is nearly 90% status chance, 90% status chance, and 90% toxin damage. Also I decided to not farm more for a jai ii link. Which would be more effective for hybrid 10% status and 32% crit or the other way around (status link or crit link), or should I just scrap getting an ii and just get ekwana jai or vargeet jai? 

Is there anyway to swap to players helping players?

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First off, wrong forum. You're looking for Players helping Players.

Second, if you're looking for a hybrid zaw build, currently crit is favored over status and speed over raw damage because of how fast you can stack up Condition Overload. I would use either Varjeet II Jai or Varjeet Jai II to get that crit chance up. My personal preference is the latter since it also gives some status for your riven to work with, but I can't say for certain unless you say what your riven is.

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Handles/Trinkets on Zaws that offer Damage are useless since they buffed the Base Damage but didn't touch the Parts, so maximum Attack Speed Links on everything, fast Handles.
you will prefer to weigh into Crits more than Status, because it is easier to increase Status than it is Crits. 
the sort of spread that i might suggest is 25% Crit Chance, 14% Status. ideally you'd want Status a bit higher than that so it needs less increases but it'll do anyways and you can't do anything about that with the given choices without losing Crit Chance and the default Crit Chance isn't as high as you'd want anyways.

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