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Railjack lost all rewards


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I guess it's no surprise when I say I encountered a bug in Railjack.

I did the sentient anomaly 4 times in a single run with resource booster and even got a pretty nice rolled vidar reactor (according to squad). On the last run, I slingshot into a crew ship that had just exploded and (the debris) disappeared.

The screen went black after trying to manually exit the crew ship and the gear items all became greyed out and unusable. Unstuck didn't fix anything and the pause menu had no options at all in it. I essentially couldn't do anything but alt+f4. This possibly could have been avoided if I used the omni tool to recall out instead of manually exiting the back of the ship.

Anyway, I decided to wait it out until the mission ended so we could return to dry dock. Later I found out that I didn't get any rewards or loot from all the runs we did, as if I never played it in the first place Zzz

It would be nice if rewards were saved properly when going from mission to mission without having to go to dry dock. I had thought this was the case prior, but I still lost all my loot because of this bug.

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