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Target Practice Level Option


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You can have a level somewhere that is target practice. Target practice is a big arena where you can select what enemies you want to fight and what level they will be at. You will get no affinity, modules or blueprints from killing anything.

Some options:


- You can choose if there are obstacles or no obstacles in the arena.

- You can add some nightmare mode affects. e.g. no shield, depleting hp, low gravity...

- You can choose what enemy to fight and what level they will be (This will be only enemies/bosses of the levels you've completed so far)

- You can choose if what type of obstacles are in the area. e.g. fire, ice, electrical water, holes....

- You can choose what type the arena is. e.g. corpus ship/planet, grineer ship/planet, infested, derelict, orokin tower...

- You can choose to have infinite ammo/energy or not.


Post any other aspects this idea should have.

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