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Okay, here it goes:

After 1000h+ played, after seeing all the bad and the great i decided to write something in the forums. I'm pretty sure this is another useless and pointless post, but whatever.

Generally speaking:

  • Right now, WF feels okay. Pretty much the same as it was a year or two ago. Some of gameplay has changed, and that is great, but the majority of activities and goals stays pretty much the same. Being fashion, trading and somewhat getting arcanes.
  • Bugs, glitches never really annoyed me, but they are still here. Feels like the more i play, the more of them i find. (not a bug report so i won't list them, but we all know what they are)
  • Got burned out twice now. First time came back for new melee mechanics. Didn't disappoint. Second- Railjack. Only looking forward for new war quest.

Right. Here goes some of my unpopular opinions and some more detailed 'feedback':


  • The whole railjack flying, shooting thing is fun. Fun before you get everything and start the quest. After that there is completely no reason to play it.
  • My thoughts when i've tried railjack missions were "is warframe trying to be elite dangerous? if so, then they have nailed the multicrew system." What i am trying to say is the railjack feels like it could be a whole different game, but inside WF.
  • So whenever flying the railjack, it always feels like something is missing. Whenever playing other WF content, i never even think, it would be nice to be able to fly bigger ship here.

Kuva Liches:

  • You get to do new relic runs, which is something i always liked.
  • Killing liches themselves and guessing the mods is nice too, really does bring smile upon my face when i guess two mods in a row. And you get something nice out of all that- a new weapon.
  • As a path of exile player, i really really like random stats that the weapons have. Its weird for me that only one stat gets sort of randomed. 
  • The one major issue i see now is it takes too many thralls to reveal the required parazon mods. Gets boring after a while.

Melee rework:

  • Melee feels amazing now. There are not much things to say about it.
  • One thing for sure- some mods got irrelevant. I won't lie, i really enjoyed spin to win before. So seeing maiming strike die was really sad. It was so much fun using an attack speed buff and lawn-mowering through enemy hordes. But it was overpowered. After rework melee weapons feels better overall.

New mods/weapons/frames:

  • Talking about mods. I really enjoy the amalgam mods. Would be really nice to see way more of them. As well as more primed mods. WF has obvious power creep, so i really don't understand why we don't have more primed mods. Since i've got my first riven, i was really upset when found out that frames doesn't have riven mods. Yea. Feels like those could potentially change up the whole meta thing and give dying warframes a comeback chance. *sob nyx sob sob*. Furthermore, it is sad to see some mods never being used. We all know them, no point listing. Some are even interesting, however give very little impact on gameplay. This includes augments as well. They definitely deserve a buff or a rework.
  • The new kuva weapons are great. Other weapons feels like "just another new different-looking weapons".  Some i do like, lets take tatsu or pennant for example. Its just coincidence that they are both melee, but it is so cool to see the flying radiation procs from tatsu spin attacks, and going faster and faster with pennant's heavies. Not a lot of weapons have something similar, but it would be nice to see more. And if we only could build the whole weapon around those niche abilities (sadly they aren't strong enough)...
  • Warframes themselves. Right now there are lots of them. There are at least one frame for every job you want to do. Some do better at whatever you throw at them, some worse. Right now i can count maximum of 6 frames that are nearly god level. Which means they can do everything well. Some of the rest can't even compete or are way worse at certain tasks. So we all know how majority of public lobbies look like. Then, after usefulness comes fashion and fun. There are plenty of frames good for that. Which is nice and variety always is good. Just that fun != capable.


  • Since weapon/frame etc modding is a big part of the game one thing feels really off. That is weapon stats in modding screen. There are plenty of mods like argon scope, maiming strike, hydraulic crosshairs, that are being used a lot, but you cant really see what they exactly do unless you do math yourself or go test it. So whats missing is a line of text that would say, lets say, your crit chance with argon scope buff. Or your with 12x combo with blood rush. Feels like it should be in game since lot of players are about min-maxing their stuff and that would be so good to see, but for some reason its not.
  • Simulacrum. So am i dumb or you can't upgrade your mods there? Why?
  • Railjack upgrade screen. This one feels like a mess. Being completely different from any other screen. Feels like a different game. Have i said this already?

Thats roughly all. I'm sure i forgot to write something, did many grammar mistakes and all, but for now the best feedback i can give is this. Keeping the rest of inappropriate opinions to talk in my clan chat. 

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