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I spend most of my time helping new players get into the game, and that often involves doing the early quests with them. 

Man are they weird.

Vor's Prize is serviceable enough, being a tutorial and all, but after that it's chaos. The first quest players can get after Vor's is Saya's Vigil, which isn't half bad since it's a fairly new quest. That being said, it doesn't do anything to help new players given that its only reward is a Gara blueprint. Anyway, after that, the next quest they can get is Vox Solaris which is just too hard for new players most of the time. Luckily, it's a side-quest, as is Saya's Vigil, so it's not that much of a problem. 

Howl of the Kubrow and Once Awake are the real issues, here. The Kubrow quest is unlocked when you reach Mercury, but it has no reason to. It used to be unlocked as soon as players finished Vor's, so they should definitely make it unlocked when you reach Venus, especially since the beginning of the quest takes place on a Corpus tileset. It has nothing to do with Mercury, so why is it there? Secondly, it makes more sense to have new players unlock a quest-per-junction as opposed to doing one Junction without a quest (Venus) and then the next one giving two (Mercury.) Howl also has another big problem: the Incubator Power Core. Howl cannot be completed until you get one, and there's only two ways: buy its BP and craft it (which requires way more resources and credits than a new player will have access to) or complete the Mars Junction, which requires you to finish Once Awake and some other miscellaneous tasks. I suggest moving Howl to the Venus Junction, and making the Incubator Power Core reward part of the Mercury Junction's. This will greatly improve the "flow" of quests and narrative progression for new players.

Now, let's take a look at Once Awake. This is supposed to be an introduction to the Infestation, but the quest is so short and dull that most people completely forget it. To start off, the first objective is to "Investigate the Grineer Bioweapon." The aforementioned bioweapon is supposed to be a mystery until players hack the second Data Vault, when the Grineer officers say "Who let the specimens out? Forget the Tenno, stop the Infested!" and the Lotus replies with "Infested? How is this possible?!" It's clear that the nature of the bioweapon is supposed to unknown until this point, except for the fact that the Infested are present throughout the entire mission. You can be fighting them 30 seconds into the quest, and the Lotus says "Hm, I'm not getting readings of any known bioweapons. What could the Grineer be hiding?" It's just utter nonsense. And all of that is just the first mission. The rest of the quest is just a short Extermination mission, and then an 8-wave Defense mission, and then you're done. Once Awake has SO much opportunity to be SO much better. Flesh it out, make it more sensible. Hell, give it some strong horror elements! The Infestation are meant to be the scariest faction, so why not go all-out? They deserve a much better introduction than what they have. Naturally, I would expect a revamp of this quest to be bundled with whatever the next big Infested update is. Seriously, they haven't gotten any real love at all. Nightwave Season II was a horrible tease. 

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