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九重天:PRIME VAULT 27.1.1


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d933d8519ba49d5dab9636adeebeca84.jpgPRIME VAULT

Oberon and Nekros. Two forces in eternal balance have emerged from the Prime Vault with their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and more!

Oberon 和 Nekros。生死平衡之间的两股力量。在他们回归宝库前,立即获得这些复活大师们、他们的 Prime 配件,以及更多精采内容。

Find their Relics in the Void or Bounty rewards today!


Or check out the Prime Vault program here: 

或者在官网查看Prime-Vault : https://www.warframe.com/prime-vault

Vauban Prime and Ash Prime, as well as their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, have reentered the Prime Vault and have been removed from the drop tables.

工程P和ASH P,以及他们的标志性主要武器,配件,已重新进入宝库,并已从掉落表中删除。

*If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.



Upcoming Ducat Price Changes:


We have a heads up regarding coming changes to a couple Vaulted Prime part rarities and their Ducat prices. In order to give you plenty of notice for these changes, we will not change these until next week at the earliest (February 18th week).


Hotdropped live on all platforms:

  • Fixed inability to trade a Converted Kuva Lich if you currently have an active Kuva Lich.
  • 修复了如果你现在有一个激活的赤毒玄骸,会无法交易感化后的赤毒玄骸的问题。

Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes:


  • Kuva weapon innate bonus damage values now show when you are equipping the weapon in the Arsenal!
  • 当你在军械库装备武器时,赤毒武器天赋加成伤害值现在将会显示!
  • Removed the Kuva Bramma from Conclave eligibility due to not being Conclave balanced yet.
  • 由于尚未达到武形秘仪的平衡,将赤毒·布拉马从武形秘仪资格中移除。
  • Fixed Kuva Larvlings downed by Warframe abilities not displaying their Kuva weapon above their head. As reported 
  • 修复了由战甲技能击败的赤毒幼体不在头顶展示赤毒武器的问题。
  • Fixed Ally Kuva Liches having the Enthrall ability and Enthralling Tenno factions like Defense Consoles, Sentinels, etc.
  • 修复盟友赤毒玄骸具有迷之诱惑力能把仓鼠派系也给转化的问题,如防御控制台,守护等。
  • Fixed inability to Vanquish/Convert your Kuva Lich if a player in the mission is dead.
  • 修复了当任务中的玩家死亡时无法歼灭/感化你的赤毒玄骸的问题。
  • Fixes towards diminished Health on a Kuva Lich not being maintained after a Host migration occurs.
  • 修复了一个赤毒玄骸在主机迁移后被消耗的生命值没有保留的问题。
  • Fixes towards Kuva Liches spawning midair in the Jupiter Gas City tileset and falling forever into teleport volumes.
  • 修复赤毒玄骸在木星燃气城市场景的半空中生成和循环传送带的问题。
  • Fixed cases of default Corpus enemies spawning in a Kuva Lich controlled Jupiter Gas City Spy, Sabotage, or Rescue mission once the Objective has been reached.
  • 修复了在赤毒玄骸控制的木星燃气城间谍,破坏,或救援任务中,一旦目标完成后会刷新本来默认C系敌人的情况。
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a Host migrated while a Kuva Lich was downed.
  • 修复了当一个赤毒玄骸被击倒时主机迁移时发生的崩溃。

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • The Railjack Payload screen will now show the total Ordnance Ammo you have in your account when you're in the Dry Dock, to make it clear that you aren't wasting anything if you craft more than your Railjack can carry.
  • 航道星舰的载荷屏幕现在将显示您在干船坞时帐户中的弹药总量,以表明如果您的载荷超出航道星舰的能力,您不会浪费任何东西。*如能量本来99/100 制作一次+50后会变成149/100超出原本100上限.
  • Fixed ability to spawn Crewships almost indefinitely, resulting in exploitive Intrinsic farming.
  • 修复了战舰可以几乎无限刷新的问题,以处理被利用来刷内源之力的情况。
  • Fixed getting a black screen after exiting the Railjack while Transferring to the Operator at the same time.
  • 修复离开航道星舰的同时切指挥官会黑屏的问题。
  • Fixed inability to Scrap the Fiery Phoenix Battle Avionic due to the description exceeding the screen limits.
  • 修复了由于描述超过屏幕限制而无法取消浴火凤凰战斗航电的情况。
  • Fixed an invisible blocking volume when a Clan Hall is placed just below the Drydock
  • 修复了一个当氏族大厅被放置在干船坞下面时出现的空气墙。
  • Fixes towards a script error after returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.
  • 修复了从航道星舰任务返回干船坞后的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a lengthy hitch when switching Loadouts in the Railjack Navigation panel.
  • 修复了在航道星舰导航面板中切换配装时出现的长时间故障。


  • You can now access Ivara’s Leverian when viewing Ivara Prime in the Codex.
  • 现在您可以在资料库中查看Ivara Prime时访问Ivara的Leverian。
  • Updated the Warframe crash handler to provide clarity for what the crash handler is requesting of you.
  • 更新了Warframe崩溃处理程序,以明确崩溃处理程序对您的请求。


  • Fixed inability to complete a Mobile Defense mission due to Datamasses disappearing if a Host migration occured.
  • 修复了由于主机迁移时数据块消失而无法完成移动防御任务的问题。
  • Fixed Shade’s Ghost Precept Mod not cloaking you in invisibility.
  • 修复了阴影的幽灵同伴MOD不将你隐身的问题。
  • Fixed Host and Clients not appearing in the correct position while inside a streaming tunnel (Railjack, gates of Cetus, etc).
  • 修复了在流通道内(航道星舰、希图斯门等)主机和客机未出现在正确位置的问题。
  • Fixed Ivara’s Prex Card appearing overly stretched when viewed in the Codex Fragments section.
  • 修复了Ivara的Prex卡在资料库片段部分显示过度拉伸的问题。
  • Fixed Kuva Bramma explosion and projectile sounds being too loud for non local players.
  • 修复了赤毒布拉马爆炸和弹丸声音对于非本地玩家太大的问题。(非主机不会那么大声了)
  • Fixed Gorgaricus Spores not falling correctly after the sac is shot.
  • 修复了葛嘉里菌孢子在包囊被射中后不能正确下落的问题。
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would be unable to hit Gorgaricus sacs in some cases.
  • 修复了在某些情况下客机无法击中葛嘉里菌包囊的问题。
  • Fixed equipping Regalia on one side of your Kubrow applying to both sides, resulting in a Regalia overlap. As reported here: 
  • 修复了由于徽章重叠导致狗狗徽章装一边结果两边都显示的问题
  • ↑ We're working on fixing this issue for Kavats.
  •   我们也正在为猫猫解决这个问题。
  • Fixed the Left Hulta Leg Guard being offset when equipped on Hydroid Prime. As reported here: 
  • 修复了水男P装备左护腿会被抵消的问题。
  • Fixed Chat Linked Mods not displaying correctly when setting Menu Scale to the minimum.
  • 修复了将菜单比例设置为最小值时无法正确在聊天显示MOD配置的问题。
  • Fixes towards a case of Mods appearing obscured in the Arsenal once returning from a Mission.
  • 修复了在一次任务结束后军械库中MOD变模糊的问题。
  • Fixed the Codex displaying a broken Requiem Mod after returning from a Mission.
  • 修复了从一个任务返回后资料库显示的安魂曲mod变成污损的问题。
  • Fixed some filepath Tips on the Mission load screen.
  • 修复了任务加载屏幕上的一些文件路径提示。
  • Fixed <archwing> text appearing in the Arsenal stats when comparing an Archwing.
  • 修复了比较archwing时出现在军械库属性中的"archwing"文本。
  • Fixes towards numerous Glyphs not propagating when searching keywords in the Profile > Glyph screen.
  • 修复了在 简介>浮印 屏幕中用关键字搜索时不出现的许多浮印。
  • Fixed spotloading the Vitruvian UI Theme when you do not have it set and we want to use it for a specific screen (IE: the actual Vitruvian).
  • 修复了当你没有设置维特鲁威UI主题时这个主题被应用了的问题,我们想使用它为一个特定的屏幕(即:完整的维特鲁威)。
  • Fixed a rare case where Warframe might crash while attempting to report another crash.
  • 修复了一个罕见的情况,即Warframe在试图报告另一个崩溃时可能崩溃。(Warframe:崩2)
  • Fixed a crash when attempting a Conclave match via Dedicated Server.
  • 修复了通过专用服务器尝试武形秘仪匹配时的崩溃。
  • Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
  • 修复了在施放大量战甲技能时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when joining a mission while someone is Fishing.
  • 修复了在某人钓鱼时加入任务时出现的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when Upgrading Mods.
  • 修复了升级Mods时的脚本错误。
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