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Despawning Vitus Essence


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Thank you for this wonderful game. I love it a lot and I appreciate the hard work you guys put into it,

I was in an [Interception - Corpus Arbitration] yesterday with a group of 4. I don't know which node but it was the wide open Icy interception. I killed one of the drones in one corner of the map and got a vitus drop. Before I could even mark it on the map, it vanished and the other 3 players couldn't get it. This was probably happening the whole match and no one noticed.

I believe this is happening because Vitus is in the category with resources like rubedo and ferrite and when there are too many on the field the game has to make decisions on which things to get rid of. My guess is it removes things that are farther from the player. So an interception (where you have to guard 4 locations that are far away) is a bad arbitration to do.

On another occasion I had 3 vitus drop. I left them on the ground for a minute while i was protecting our defense target and they vanished by the time i had killed the enemies. It was sad ;(

My recommendation is to put important resources like Vitus, Toroids, Kuva, etc in it's own category or give them priority over other resources in the same category. (don't know how possible that is)

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Having same issue, if you leave them for a short time as map is full of items. they will despawn fast. Tried this on many occasions as I wait for cat buff to appear.

Only solution so far. pick up all loot around it and save those....sucks.... :)


They should place them with mods which have no despawn timer

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