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[Warframe concept] Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden


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Stats at rank 0 (Stats at rank 30):

Health- 60 (180)

Armour- 500 [Bear with me here]

Shields- 225 (675)

Energy- 75 (225)

Sprint Speed- 1.0


Passive- Health Orbs grant 100 overshields if health is full. Lagertha gains a 25% damage boost if overshields are present.

Ability 1- Shield Bash: Summon an ethereal shield and charge forward, knocking down any enemies you hit. Damage ramps up for every enemy hit.

Damage- 500 + 100 for every enemy hit.

Cost- 25

Ability 2- Shield Matrix: Shields gain the damage reduction bonus granted by armour. While this ability is active, Shield Bashes inflict slash procs. Increase Ethereal Maiden’s damage by 25%.

Duration (s)- 16/18/20/22

Cost- 50

Ability 3- Bolster: Activates a 5 second timer, any damage taken during this time will transfer into a mass armour buff for your allies. Damage taken during this timer will be repaired once the timer runs out. If Lagertha takes a lethal blow while the timer is active, she fully replenishes her shields and gains maximum overshields.

Damage translation- 100 shield dmg = 75 armour increase

Buff duration (s)- 10/12/14/16

Cost- 75

Ability 4- Ethereal Maiden: Lagertha equips an ethereal circular shield alongside either an axe, mace, or sword (Axe=Slash, Mace=Punc/Imp, Sword=all 3). Successfully blocking damage with the shield refunds energy. Shield Bash costs half energy and knocks people down for longer. Bolster’s 5 second timer is increased to 8 seconds and the Ethereal Shield can absorb the damage in Lagertha’s place.

Weapon dmg- TBD

Cost- 25 initial + 3 per second



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