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Ceres to Jupiter Junction difficulty


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I spend a fair amount of the time that I play now just trying to help lower level players with stuff they need, and nearly every single time on of them gets to this specific point they hit a roadblock. It's caused a large chunk of the new players I meet to just stop playing the game. That being the Valkyr at the Ceres -> Jupiter junction.

I'm not saying that some level of difficulty isn't good good, if anything it's needed, but the rate at which it is introduced in this specific instance is inconsistent. Valkyr uses her 4 if you get close so melee is almost useless. She has a ton of effective HP and does average to high ranged DPS compared to the other junction guardians.

Before anyone responds to this telling me that they need to "git gud", go into that junction with a starter frame/weapon (which is what a good chunk of them are using) without any forma or advanced mods, hardly any gear (while you have access to stuff from the dojo, most of them don't know about or use dojo weapons or stuff like the pizzas despite my efforts), and then see how you do, then try to understand that the people doing this have usually been playing casually for less than a few weeks and tell me that being able to beat that Valkyr is a reasonable expectation.

What is literally the most difficult junction boss is 4-5 planets in. I'm not saying to change her mechanics, just maybe adjust her HP or DPS output so newer players stand a chance, or have it scale based on MR.

i know there's a lot that you guys have on your plates, but this is one specific thing that has been pushing away a good chunk of newer players that have already invested a fair amount of time into the game. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this, if anyone has any specific ways I can help new players deal with this that I am not already doing or if this was an issue for you or people you know feel free to chime in.

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