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The sheath of the Paracesis


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I play a lot the paracesis it's like its I find each his weapon well and recently I remembered the sheath of the paracesis when is it because I find it nice and it will be cool to have it as an accessory however since it is a heavy weapon it is not very practical it is for its that I think that it will be quite a special way of drawing for the paracesis which allows to have the paracesis with its scabbard and to put it on the left like a nikana but with the paracesis while keeping it in heavy weapon I do not know if there have already been ideas of the genre or responses from DE about her but its will be cool if it is planned because it is still a rather special weapon the paracesis because it has a script role and having a little personalization on a special weapon could be nice thank you for your answers and also I did not really know or put this subject so I put it in weapon because its concerns a weapon thank you again



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