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Necro: Shadows Of The Dead: Idea


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I think this Necro ability could use some tweaking. In my opinion it's underwhelming in its current state, concidering the Necros innate malus compared to other frames (i.e. Health, armor, energy etc.)

I suggest one could limit Shadows of the Dead's duration by the casters health. Once casted, the casting Necro recieves a damage over time debuff (for the Nekros health only) similar to the random health DoT recieved in some nightmare missions.

Once the Necros health reach 1, all minions will despawn unless allready dead, in which case SotD will end prematurely.

This way, the Necro can gain minions for a greater duration, but not without risk.

The DoT strength could be influenced by for example the amount of minions raised.



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That could work out if the AI was smarter and they would follow Nekros around, but the way it currently is you would be burning health indefinately (lets not forget it is Desecrate's job to make health orbs out of thin air) for a small AI army that would remain in whatever room you created them shooting at walls and boxes.


edit:  Just reread the post a couple times (havent finished my coffee yet), I see that you've suggested how to make the shades last longer, but for what purpose?  It is my opinion they are kind of like mobile cover and a distraction (CC) more than damage, and in that they do their job fairly well.  If any changes were to really be made to this skill to make it better (this is with the assumption it was intended to be sort of a CC/supplimentary damage skill), it would be to allow friendly fire to pass through them so they dont block shots while they're serving the remainder of their purpose.

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