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Neo N11 Relic is dropping the wrong Gun Barrel


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With yesterday's update, the Burston prime was unvaulted, and the Braton Prime was vaulted.  The new Neo N11 relic should be dropping the Burston Prime Barrel, but instead is dropping the Braton Prime Barrel.  This is also listed on the Drop Table website:


Lith S9 (Burston Prime Stock)
Neo G3 (Burston Prime Receiver)
Neo N11 (Braton Prime Barrel)
Axi S6 (Burston Prime Blueprint)

Easy mistake to make since one is being vaulted and the other unvaulted, and both are named nearly identically.  I assume this will be Hotfixed.

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2 hours ago, IronHair said:



Both burston and braton are never vaulted.
The Burston prime barrel is now an Axi P3 uncommon, while the braton barrel is both a lith s8 and Neo N11 common drop.

braton barrel was earlier in Meso v6, which got vaulted, so they got it in Neo N11.

So it's just a move, not a screw up... Good to know.  Thanks!

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