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COMING SOON: Devstream #138 + TennoCon 2020 Save The Date!

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13 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Who:  Rebecca is joined by DE’s Sound Team for a deep dive into Sounds of the System. Join George, Jeff, Carl, and David! 

What:  We are starting things off with a Save the Date for TennoCon 2020! Then, learn about the developments of upcoming Warframe content from a Sound point of view! Get sneak peeks and treat your ears to the Sounds of the System! Music, Characters, Ambiance, and More! 

Prizes? We have plenty of Digital Prizes to give out. We even have Physical Prizes this Stream! 

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe and mixer.com/playwarframe 

Twitch Drop / Mixer Reward: Tune in to find out what you can snag for watching our Devstream!

When: Join us this Friday, February 14th at 2 p.m Eastern Standard Time! 

Ask your SOUND RELATED questions here – you have until 10 a.m Friday! 

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!

How did you make sounds for sentients? 

ps:love you all 🙂

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This is a dojo related music question:
Now that we have the Shawzins, we have octavia, we have drums and bells, is there any chance we could get a music kiosk in the dojo?
(I'd like to have much much more things in the dojo, like the skatepark mentionned in late 2018, or aquariums themed rooms where we could place fish and walk among them like in La Rochelle's aquarium, a pet haven for consigned kubrows and kavats, but these are not music related ^^ )

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14 hours ago, xRufus7x said:

Just one question. While it is nice to hold these separate streams focusing on specific parts of the game to acknowledge the team members who are usually faceless to us and for us to learn about the other parts of development that don't get talked about as much do you think now is a good time to hold a sound specific stream when the fanbase is still heavily discussing liches, Nightwave and Railjack that people would certainly appreciate info on more?

Feels like these types of streams should be held as separate events rather than taking up one of the primary and most well known means of communicating with the developers about our concerns.

As a side note, if streams like this were ever done regularly as a separate event, I would totally watch them. I loved going to the panels at Tennocon and watching Steve talk about the game during his old streams.

This is just filler material, and we will get a lot more of it from now until TennoCon 2020. In my opinion TennoCon has put DE in the worse content release cycle ever. In  order to break away from it, they should make TennoCon biannual. 

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As Kuva Lich now drop What we may expect..... despite which what we desired make took 30 - 40 runs to get the RNG right.

Its there any way, to exchange or make Kuva emphemera drop not so punishing ??

The Nightwave.......Can we see the statistics of Where people drop off (done) their Nightwave? 

I guess most people drop off at Umbra Forma. 

Does DE ever consider maybe put more Umbra Forma on Nightwave. Like 30, 60, 90 rewards of it.

Since, Nightwave not really have much to offer than Umbra Forma. How about just make it the "driving force" for players.



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Are there any plans to add more kuva lich personalities or voice lines?

What about Shawzin improvements? Look at how Guitar Hero does it when you need to hold something. It would be cool to get something like that, and to also hear it with proper timings after recording it.

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Can u guys add some shanties to empyrean missions as an optional to play it or not ? this will be fun while farming resources :D and before i forget thx sound team for making me crying every time i listen to (To take a pain away) it's my ringtoon btw :P keep the good work <3 luv u DE  

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15 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Save the Date for TennoCon 2020!

So will things sound the same like before, as in things which shown during Tennocon will not be in the same manner when finally presented in the game?

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Although i rarely watch any devstream, the thought of watching the specific one, is intriguing, as sound is for me very important, not that graphics are not...(see blinding auto exposure bad work) cough cough**

Anyways, here are some questions that i'd like to know, despite that i've already written what i had in mind, in old and recent topics, which ofc are always ignored since i'm in DE's blacklist, despite been a customer of moderate budget.


Tell me (if you do), sound editors..
- when you're editing an existing sound concerning a weapon (mostly) or an informative one, under what criteria do you do it? Loudness? Pitch? Tempo? all of the previous? Do you test them how they play combined with other sounds? Do you take into consideration, how the same weapon sound, is heard when the same weapon is wielded by us and by enemies in close or far range at same time? If yes, why are they different as if they're different weapons as well? Under what logic? (see gorgon and miter for example).

***To mention here, that in a distance of 1km from my house, there is a military shooting range, and when they come to shoot, i can hear their guns loud and clear without cracking my nerves (depending the gun they use ofc), while ingame i can be "dead"  within seconds, while takin fire from a supra-gorgon-hind etc in a distance of 5-50m from the side or behind me, because all i could hear from their gunfire,was so low, that i would not react,  at the same time where my.......embolist, sounds far louder!!!!!! But u knew how to make the strun's sound annoying and loud, even worse multiplied by the number of enemies, combined with their annoying golden bright particles (but that's not your doing), others took the "glory" for this.

- when you create new sounds, do you test them ingame how loud or low they are among others and if they can be heard at all, depending on their importance? ....or do you just put them play 4-5 times separately, adjust their db scale and that's it?

- When you hear your own work, do you use some common sense, to understand how each sound impacts on our nerve system or do you think, that sounds, cause no harm or they are of no importance? Do you put them all in the same "basket" and say... "there, we made a new sound or edited one to pretend we did something, even if the sound was already fine"!!!??

- Scenario..... If i would put you in a room, with 4-6-8 speakers, not loud ones, say 40-60w each, where i would plug and unplug the mixer's cable for 1 hour, while all you would listen is .......tzzz tzzzz tsk tsk tsk tzzzzzz,(i believe u know about jittering, right?), would you ask me to stop it or would you remain there in apathy? Furthemore, what if i would multiply this sound by 1 wire per speaker, how do you believe that this  would affect you? Depending on your answer, (if any), imagine in this scenario, us, the players, who can do nothing about such "work" but only tolerate it by reducing the volume for the sake of our nerves. Not all of us live in apathy or have the same sensitivity.

That's all i wanted to ask, since i can't give you to taste your own "medicine". 😠

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Sound hu?

Well, maybe you guys could use this opportunity to reveal results of shanty contest?

One lovely aspect would be to add the best to game content or release a pro version? maybe in cooperation with the winners, bringing em to the studio or so?


PS: no i didnt hand in anything to the contest, so i am free to suggest stuff like this 😜

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Just wondering. 

Is there any specific reason to avoid providing CORROSIVE, VIRAL, PUNCTURE or SLASH damage as Lich bonuses for weapons?

Also, when is going to be revisited the damage system? making Puncture, Impact and Magnetism finally meaningful

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Would love a mention for cross save/ cross progression.

Obviously nothing substantial a simple comment about the "phase" its in.

Are you

Still investigating the idea.

Negotiating with the powers that be for time/funds to use.

Early experimentation. Trying different ideas to develop a prototype. 

Or my dream, have a vague ETA. have crosssave/progression this year? Next year? 

Have they considered payed transfers. It's simply not worth it to the powers that be if they dont make money.



I wanna play again but simply wont start over on pc. My friends stopped playing the xbox version.

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I always love when we get behind-the-scenes stuff from the sound team, Warframe's sound design is one of it's strongest assets! I do a little foley as a hobby, and I appreciate seeing how it's really done by the best in the business :laugh:

In your day to day lives, how often do you come across a squeaky hinge, a snoring pet, an off-balance motor, etc and think "I must sample this!" - like, how often are you out there playing Sound Pokemon? :satisfied:

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Hello sound team. 

You already put a sound when the warframe hit the floor after a explosion, i mean the sound when metal touch against metAl, ice or lava grass, i do t know or can recapitule if when my warframe fall or is launched against sollids or water it make the fx. If you already done that great. Bye. 

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