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COMING SOON: Devstream #138 + TennoCon 2020 Save The Date!

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18 minutes ago, Digital-Dreams said:

What did you do for the Eidelon screams?

The screams are from the recordings of a humpback whale screams. Poor Terry.

On topic, but who was responsible for providing the sounds and voice of Grendel? The audio efforts on him makes him far more unique than most Warframes I have played with by far.

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24 minutes ago, xRufus7x said:

Just one question. While it is nice to hold these separate streams focusing on specific parts of the game to acknowledge the team members who are usually faceless to us and for us to learn about the other parts of development that don't get talked about as much do you think now is a good time to hold a sound specific stream when the fanbase is still heavily discussing liches, Nightwave and Railjack that people would certainly appreciate info on more?

Feels like these types of streams should be held as separate events rather than taking up one of the primary and most well known means of communicating with the developers about our concerns.

As a side note, if streams like this were ever done regularly as a separate event, I would totally watch them. I loved going to the panels at Tennocon and watching Steve talk about the game during his old streams.


Except you're setting up a time and place weeks in advance that has nothing to with the problems you're talking about, involving members of the team that nothing to do with the problems you're talking about, and if you SERIOUSLY think the devs aren't aware of the problems and weren't aware of the problem before xmas vacation even when they pressed the "ship it" button, you might wanna do some research on how modern compartmentalized game creation works. DE made the bed their currently lying in, and they're aware. Very much. Acknowledging that is another entire subject, and even yet another subject is doing so in a timely and contextually salient venue and time frame.

Contrary to what EA and Activision tell you, marketing and design do not gel on a synergistic level during before feature hardening occurs, and attempting to make them do so is why Blizzard is currently hemorrhaging employees, stock value and money.

Maybe put the sign down for two hours and listen intently and then pick the sign back up and attempt to climb the waterfall with no ladder to speak of.

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Can we get a mechanical change to how Zephyr’s and Nezha’s passive works? For example Zephyr’s extra glide time be holding the jump key instead of it being automatic the same can apply for Nezha’s slide since in small spaces he feels clumsy instead of agile, Zephyr’s glide is basically a Nightmare mission penalty also.

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When do you intend to fix stealth? everything related to it is more or less broken currently.

Also stealth related but about the sound department: would it kill you to actually add a "silenced" effect to weapons with sound suppression mods installed? we already have it on ivara's prowl and loki's invisibility, so what prevents your staff to apply it as a filter on weapons that are supposed to be "suppressed"?

Any further news about Titania prime and fixes to her currently horrid flight mode in razorwing? or on an actual and serious rework of her 1,2,3, skills?

More information on the new war and all the other projects you left on the wayside? Railjack is far from finished, kuva liches are still a boring slog, what about all the stuff you showcased in previous tennocons?

Also let sound team etc. specific devstreams be their own separate affairs and keep this space for main game development only, thanks

This time feels more like a filler session than anything and it's not fair to your sound staff!

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This is my only sound related question:

When Octavia Prime? Add more quests like octavia's anthem,that was funny.

And a side question:

Do you plan to create another warframe(s) with sound-related skills like octavia?

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