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  • When will we hear Natah sing in game? To tease it and not sing at the end of a quest hurt.
  • How did you originally pick your game audio engine, codecs, formats, bitrates, and limits, and how have these changed over platform and time?
  • Would you considered adjusting enemy sounds with enemy speed? I would like to hear HyekkaLady cackle under influence from either direction by Nova.
  • Is there unit testing for sound files, sounds playing in scenarios, and noise levels? Hearing another player using Kuva Bramma is terribly unbalanced compared to the rest of the game. It is bad enough for me to mute until the mission ends.
  • What are your favourite examples of use of sound? After realising it was in-game, I delighted in having to double-check outside when hearing thunder on the beach in Path of Exile, where the thunder audio was so precise and sharp in an otherwise quiet scene. Jóhann Jóhannsson's The Beast is another favourite.


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Sound related qquestions: 

  1.  Weapons under the effect of mods like Hush, Suppress, and Silent Battery do not affect the weapon's sound effects, but just how the enemy reacts. Have you considered changing the weapon effect volume to reflect it's noise level?
  2.  We have a problem with constant, repetitive NPC transmissions. Be it Lotus explaining the gameplay for a mission type a hundred times ("You're going to need more void traces Tenno.") or Vay Heck's dialogue during Plague Star that says the exact, same thing with every Hemocyst killed, or Little Duck's just...terrible accent. Is there any way to mix things up/tone them down without turning off their transmissions entirely? Perhaps, by tracking player progression and setting a point by which we assume the player doesn't need Lotus to remind us, etc?
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Question about the sounds: could we have different settings for gunfire/explosions/abilities and environment sounds like sabotage caches/animals while hunting/ship noises like steam when going into room without atmosphere please?

I can't hear well the actual sounds I want to hear when I have to turn volume low because my own guns are deafening me.

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Have you guys considered adding more voices and variations to the pool of enemy dialogue/death sounds? Possibly even picking some from community volunteers or something? I feel like I remember reading that was done for some of the orbiter scanner dialogue, and I'd like to see more added, or even some AI updates where troops can kinda fool around or talk to eachother more. Subtle changes like this would make the world feel more immersive and lived in.

I know that logically they have a reason to more or less sound identical (clones, etc) but still think a little more variety goes a long way. Including for liches. Especially the liches. If they got enough dialogue variations that it'd be challenging to hear the same thing twice it'd probably make them feel a little more dynamic or unique in addition to other things that might do so, but as far as sound/voice is concerned

Also, would you guys ever consider adding additional unlockable mission narrators? Like: Teshin, Darvo, Clem, Syndicate Leaders, Simaris, Konzu, Eudico, Onkko, Little Duck, Maroo, (possibly even Alad V)

1. I think this could add another neat experience customization to the game while

2. also adding another collectible facet players can work towards completing. (and also relieve Ordis from the synthesizing as well as the operator who is no doubt aware of the situation and how awkward its becoming after so long)

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Here are some changes for lich i would like to see.

1.Murmur speed up , for example if u already have weapon murmur gain speed up or add some item that does that

2.Obtaining Requiem words maybe to buy them from arbiter or some other method , this relic thingy is almost impassible to make , spending hours in recruitment chat to make 1 radiant run

That's it ,this should make it more satisfying ,at least for me

hope u see this , cya on steam!

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Sorry for the delayed response...

But... now that we have Shawzins that have a full range of notes, with added sound capabilities, will there be an expansion on Octavia's Mandacord? It's a little annoying being a Celtic Violinist of 14 years that I cannot recreate some of my favorite jigs or reels in Warframe, as I am restricted to a Pentatonic Minor scale.

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3 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Devstream138_1080p.jpgAsk your SOUND RELATED questions here 

Are there any plans for 3d sound?

To give an example of what I mean by "3d sound":  During void fissure missions, I can sometimes HEAR the fissure but I have no idea where it is and it sounds the same no matter where it happens in relation to the Tenno. I would love if it got louder when we point the camera in the direction of the fissure and quieter if we look in a different direction. Ideally, it would also be louder in our left or right ear depending on its location when we using stereo headphones to help add another dimension to the effect. 

3d sound would be a subtle effect that would really add to the gameplay for immersion purposes, but also have tactical implications. Imagine if we could hear where demolysts are coming from during disruption missions, kuva clouds during siphons/floods, and possibly even help us figure out which direction we are being shot from on the plains (I can't be the only one who is hit-or-miss when it comes to the blue/red direction indicators). Furthernore, there's just something immersion breaking about getting shot to death and wondering, "where is that coming from???"

Note: If this feature exists already, it isnt working on the switch. 

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How did you guys do the sounds for gara? How did you make the glass whistle? And how do you do the deep cracking glass sounds? Did you customize a sample you recorded or did you engineer a sample from the wizardry of the void?

Tinkling is just randomized notes right? Thats easy, Im asking how did you actually make the sounds?

How would you make a crackle like from ice age when scrat puts the acorn in an iceberg and it crackles across? Not the light white noisy crackling, I mean like the DEEP crackling, like the inside of someone with lots of mucus in their lungs ad they breathe. This is the kind of crackling I want to find out about, specifically.

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Specification on what kind of crackling I want to learn about in glass crackling SFX.
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Important sound / audio question for me:

When will we get a repressing of the fantastic soundtrack on vinyl? Maybe now including We All Lift Together. 

Would be really nice.

Good job sound design team in general. I find Warframe to sound really good on my soundsystem. Thank you. 

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Hey guys!!! I have a few / one big question for the sound team!!

I first noticed with Baruuk that all of his ability's sound effects sound great, no matter what music you're listening to. It's almost as if you're playing percussion with whatever is playing. Then I started paying closer attention and noticed this was pretty much game-wide. Every sound that every weapon and Warframe makes accents your music in some way.

Which got me wondering...
Is this particularly difficult to achieve?
What exactly is involved in making that happen?
Is this just "Good Sound Design - 101" ?

Thanks so much!! ❤️

BONUS QUESTION : Does Baruuk say anything when casting his abilities??

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Edit: Bonus Question!
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