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COMING SOON: Devstream #138 + TennoCon 2020 Save The Date!

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Main Valkyr here, so in love with her. I never really looked up her lore or read about her for some reason and I was wondering what the reasons behind her screams are. The screams literally give me the chills Everytime I use them and they get me thinking more and more about the reasons. I would really love a reply about that.  And as always, keep up the good work!

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9 hours ago, xRufus7x said:

Just one question. While it is nice to hold these separate streams focusing on specific parts of the game to acknowledge the team members who are usually faceless to us and for us to learn about the other parts of development that don't get talked about as much do you think now is a good time to hold a sound specific stream when the fanbase is still heavily discussing liches, Nightwave and Railjack that people would certainly appreciate info on more?

Feels like these types of streams should be held as separate events rather than taking up one of the primary and most well known means of communicating with the developers about our concerns.

As a side note, if streams like this were ever done regularly as a separate event, I would totally watch them. I loved going to the panels at Tennocon and watching Steve talk about the game during his old streams.

Instead of taking over devstreams they shold have there own stream maby frydays that arnt  devstreams  becouse i know monday is xbox, tusday is ps4, wensday is switch, thursday is primetime, and every other fryday is devstream  so we can have 

(Monday) xbox

(Tusday) ps4

(Wensday) switch

(Thursday) prime time

(Fryday 1) sound and other parts of the team stream ( not just audio others as well)

(Fryday 2) devstream 

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One of my favorite parts of the Kuva Lich system is the audio cue that plays when a lich's minion spawns in: It's such a distinct and memorable sound! If possible, I'd like to hear a little bit about the process that went in to making this sound.

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1) Are there any plans to expand voice customization for operators? Currently there are the two voice options per sex. Would it be possible to deepen the customization by allowing us to alter our pitch with sliders (similar to how we can currently customize operator facial appearance using sliders between different facial options). 


2) The new Shawzin electric guitar is totally AMAZING!  Could you allow us to equip that sound on a different model? My Day of the Dead Shawzin needs that sound. 

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Yay! can't wait! 

Soo, sound questions... While weapons sound is generally very good (for my taste at least), last explody things (Kuva Tonkor, Kuva Ayanga) make the most satisfying BOOM ever. In contrast, most sniper rifles (or semi auto rifles for that case) sound... underpowered, for the exeption of the Vulkar (one of the reasons i love it so is the powerful sound it makes). Can we expect sound "retouches" to older guns, and inparticular, making this high powered weapons (most other snipers, also Velocitus) sound as such?

Also would love to have some insight into Grendel's sounds.

Relevant to the BOOM question, how did you record those explosions? did you actually went to a gunrange or something like that, or did you edit it in some other ways?

When the new corpus gun was revealed, the explosion sound it makes is... UNF, magnificent!. Any chance we might get similar sound upgrades/variants to other explody corpus weapons? (thinking on the penta and lenz in particular)

While i'm pretty much happy with the operator voices... any chance we would get some more variants? Also, any chance we get a bit more variety for Liches? I understand they're clones, but only two vocices and even then one for each sex is a bit... too limited (even when i do love them xD) (Tyl Regor lich when?)

Also, Who voices Darvo? And can we get more Darvo love in the future? 

And speaking of variety, any chance we'll be getting some more voice variety overall for grunts? Would love to hear some new grineers, or have some more of the new corpus voices mixed up with the regular ones. And some new infested noises! 😄


In general: Old warframe sounds were pretty good, but new sounds are just beautiful and excelent. Any chances old sounds might get remastered/updated? How hard would that be and if theoretical yes on the change, how much time would you believe it would take to update old sounds to current standards?

Last but not least, HUUUGE thanks to the sound team (and everyone else really).

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Couple Shawzin related questions to be added in with any others already asked:


Could we get a way for the new Corbu Shawzin to play chords? I'd also love it if they could be set to always have the long delay notes, instead of the ones that get cut off. Also, not sure if it's really a bug or not, but I noticed that playing the Shawzin inside the Drydock has a very sharp, tin-like reverb effect.


Not sure if it's really for the sound team or not, but how do you guys feel about 3rd party tools like Shawin bot, which are technically macros in the broad sense?

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