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Nyx need more love(rework idea)


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In this day, nyx is probably one of the less use unit of the game. The fact she almost only a crow control where lot of more warframe are way better is annoying and i think lot of improvement could make her a lot more reliable. Like some already said, lot of her skill work almost for the same thing or are missing punch. So here some idea that could improve her without really changing how her actual skill work.


L1 skill: mind control: The skill is controlling a enemy for a duration but with the ia, the control ally is not really working like he should do. And more of the time, will do mostly nothing that usefull. I would add to this skill some increase speed to the target so the control enemy could act more while under the effect. In addition to that, a new buff could be add that could be call link mind: under mind control, link mind would work a little what nidus is doing: transfert part of the damage to the target. Because it's the first skill, i would make it decay over time: exemple if we begin with a transfert of 100% of damage that target nyx to the target, after half the time, the transfert damage would become 50%. And to evade exploit, casting again the skill will do like we get her: stop the skill from working and killing the target if enough damage was deal when the enemy was under control, but will place the skill in cooldown down. It's would evade a exploit where you will always get the 100% transfert damage to the target.


L2 skill: Psychic bolt: right now, the skill inhibe only part of the power of the enemy (armor and ancien power). For a better impact, the power should work on shield too or gain new power like disarm, jam weapon,  or thing like that. But i think that nyx is a expert in mind control/psychic power and in that idea, i think adding a new proprety around that could change the skill a lot: amnesia: that new debuff would create a interfering effect on all targets touch by it. Enemy under that control would lose some proprety (eximus would lose there power, ancien there aura, nullifier when buble down there power to create one, etc). Further more, enemy hit would lose the alert state for some second, making them return on there patrol like they never see the tenno.


L3 skill: chaos: the chaos create by the skill has not enough impact: it's almost only a mass radiation on all enemy around and nothing more. I would suggest to add a new debuff to it: paranoïa: that status will place all enemy under control in a a state where they will panic. In that state, enemy will greatly reduce there damage to tenno and increase damage to there own ally. The debuff  would decay overtime, making it less efficient until the end of the skill.


L4: absorb: that skill is already the best of nyx but like some said: losing the proprety to move is annoying, making the skill less usefull. In the same state, Mesa get a huge power gain by getting faster shooting, range and perfect shot for all enemy in sight. Plus, for the almost same augment, mesa can shot and move where nyx can only move. So on that, i would change that nyx would get the move state at 50% wihtout the augment, with a lesser power range. Further more, on detonate, nyx would disarm temporary enemy (if melee, stun). On that, nyx would unleash bolt of pure psychic power in all direction, dealing damage at X% of the damage receive (increasing the range of the skill)

The passif right now: 20% less chance for enemy to get hit. It's not that usefull when there 50 enemy, just think about it: if there 100 bullet going to nyx and only  20% are missing, there 80 of them that could touch nyx. At high level, nyx is sure to get kill and there no really synergy with the actual set of skill nyx have. On that, nyx would need something that could help her. Maybe a buff gain for each enemy under nyx control (damage reduce, evasion, less aggro, etc). If her passif would work with is skill, she could survive and not just be a moving target.

There my idea and my opinion: it's would make nyx more usefull and increase is survivability, more crow control effect with better impact on the battlefield.

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