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Floating Grineer Text?


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So, a friend and I have noticed some floating Grinner text that's always in the same room, and has been there since before update 10, and before 9, if I remember correctly.


The above link shows what I'm talking about. (Disregard the silliness.)

The picture is dated back a little while, but we saw it again yesterday, still in the same room and still looking the same. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but just bringing it up.

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If that's the room I think it is then there are currently at least 2 sets of that text perpendicular to the wall.  One by the door you have shown and another if you go back into the room, jump onto the lighting rig, follow a small ledge round to a malfunctioning fan and wall run up through a hole in the ceiling.  Up in that secret room is a few lockers, occasional storage containers and another set of floating text that can only be seen from one side.

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