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Simulacrum Ability Idea


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So I know the Simulacrum is getting updated but I am wondering once we get this new version will it be possible to be able to have a way to like make frames with meters like Gauss, Ember and them. if we can get an option that 100% maxes out there meters so we don't have to do it. Especially if you just wanna test how strong it is at its highest having to wait for it to fill is pretty annoying. This is pretty noticeable with Gauss in it since he needs to run to get his meter up. having to run around in simulacrum hoping to not fall off and make it go back down isn't cool. Just a way I think the simulacrum can become more funner to use.

I know this is pretty limited to a few frames but as time goes more and more frames might be having meters. And having more options in the Simulacrum I feel can help test certain warframe build without having to build up something to test its max.  

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