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Unable to play with others efficiently


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TL;DR: Unable to join other players or have them join me without direct invitations after one mission without restart.


Starting approximately 2 days ago, I began experiencing connection issues, such as failure to connect to chat server, disconnects from game, and mission joining. 

The most inconvenient bug which has worsened exponentially in the last 2 days is being unable to join an active squad (from navigation without invitation) or have players join me (without navigation) 

Usually the problem would only present itself after my console entered sleep mode, being solved with a simple reset; but now I am unable to join other players or have them join me without an invite without restarting after nearly every mission. 

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Same, I'm getting the same stuff and the other day it kept saying I had a strict NAT connection when i've literally never had issues before, it stopped saying that today but i'm constantly getting session unavailable errors. Almost every other time I join a lobby. Friends can't host and I can't join them, says they're offline when they aren't. My internet is great, I can watch streams and all sorts of things at once while playing warframe.


Literally every time I see my friend online I can't whisper them because it says they're offline, they're in a level though, I can send them invites and I *think* they can join me IDK? but I can't join them at all. Only one of my friends its doing it to.

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I'm having perpetual issues with this as well.  I've tried locking the ports, changing the port range, deleting save data, opening ports on my router, and endless other fixes.

Random people can join my games but not my friends, I have issues inviting for trades.  I usually have to restart 4 or 5 times to get my friends list to load.  Only been happening the last few months.

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