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6+ hours without Thralls or Lich spawn.


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Good evening, DE.

When was the Lich hunting changed?

It used to take me no more than 3 hours, to complete 3 runes and decide my Lich's fate. Now, it's over 6 hours as there is little to no Thralls spawning. My Lich seems bugged, too. They will either increase in rank on their own, or won't spawn after I uncover all 3 runes. (Linked to Thrall kills?)

I used to love the mystery behind spawning my own Lich, and the hunt to uncover their "kill words". Now, it's another dumb-downed part of the game, catering to players who want instant rewards.

Please, DE. Stop adding mechanics we don't need, and please fix the bugs that make the Lich hunt unplayable. I want to go back to the part of Warframe, which I truly loved.

Best regards,



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