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index instadeath, permadeath and sudden hobbled effect bugs


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i was playing the index today and the first bug i encountered out of the blue was that i was suddenly walking in slo mo, exactly like a hobbled key but even slower and it really anoyed me, bugged me til the end of the mission. my second bug was that i had 3k iron skin when one of the index hyenas straight up 1 shotted me through my iron skin, one time occurence. and then theres the permadeath where my respawn timer straight up goes into the negative numbers causing a time out and causing me to loose in the index. DE please i know youre working on other stuff but the index requires alot of patchingunknown.pngunknown.png

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I sent a log about Index quest bug, and their automated system just keep sending me emails saying they will eventaully, look into it.


But basically a simialr bug: I died, and couldn't respawn, and was forced to lose.

Since it was the quest, it was even more painful, since it ate 140k instead of just 30k...

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