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Plains of Eidolon Bounties and bonuses


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feels like we are being robbed of a bonus from a bounty more and more often in the plains. mostly in capture, control, and assassinate.

in capture, there is a no kill bonus before capturing the target. a no kill bonus in a game that teaches us to kill everything in sight without hesitation. its easily forgetful and a bit annoying when a random enemy dies just after the mission is active. while the recruit chat is an option, i think the recruit chat being an easy solution to the games co-op issues ruins a certain quality that comes with encountering new players and seamlessly joining missions.

concerning control, the mission area takes any enemy into account, including the few within neighboring camps and the few more that spawn within these camps (maybe within caves too?) plus any turret. plus its not exactly easy to take down enemies before they land in higher levels since their transports have high damage resistance and are probably also considered an invading enemy itself (and most of their own hitboxes are covered by the transport's). i dont want to have to feel forced to bring overpowered weaponry i feel no attachment to just to shoot down a few transports.

assassinate is also annoying when the amount of enemies that spawn within the area of interest barely match the amount required to eliminate before a minute has passed. usually in these scenarios, i have to exit the area and eliminate enemies in an unrelated camp to get those 15 kills in under a minute.

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The no kill is worse: it is buggy, ANY death for ANY reason makes the bonus fail, even AFTER you captured the guy, if the game didn't shown your reward yet. Nevermind having companions that might kill stuff too...


As for control... yes, caves screw with you hard, had once the mission require me to go inside a cave to kill the last enemy only to instantly spawn a whole army up top and fail me before I could exit the cave.


Assassinate if you are solo, you won't get the bonus, it is simple as that, you might even fail the mission entirely, happened to me once (in total 13 enemies spawned over the entire timer time).

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