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Questions Regarding Kogake And It's Finisher



After perusing the forums, there seem to have divided answers over a number of questions.


1. Does the Kogake actually hit multiple times for its ground finisher, with each instance doing 75?

2. Does Reach affect the aoe of the ground finisher?

3. Can the ground finisher crit, and if so does it pull the chance  and damage off of regular or charge attack? (reason I ask is because charge attack is a different damage type from the ground finisher)

4. Can you use the ground finisher on an enemy multiple times before it rises if your attack speed is high enough?


Bonus Question: is there a reason why the Galatine has a finisher of 200 if ground finishers supposedly run off of charge damage? Reason i ask is I will be running a specialist build and am trying to find a weapon with the best ground finisher.

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If things haven't changed since 9.6.1, then you can refer to these datamined stats for info on ground finishers:



Notice that a majority of weapons use their charge attack stats for the finisher. A select few (Furax, Ankyros and Kogake) have a separate set of stats for finishers. These fist-weapon finishers are affected by Pressure Point, and they are a different set of stats from their normal attack set. The Kogake, for example,has higher damage, lower crit rate and crit damage, and a different damage type (Serrated) on its finisher compared to its normal attack. 


1. Yes, Kogake hits multiple times during the ground finisher.

2. Reach has a negligible effect on Kogake, given its already limited base range. Plus, I don't think the finisher actually hits multiple enemies per strike; instead, I think individual strikes can migrate to nearby downed enemies if they're close enough to overlap with your current target.

3. Unfortunately, Kogake's finisher's base crit rate is only 5%, and it's crit multiplier is only 150%.

4. Nope, doesn't seem to work like that. You can however ragdoll an enemy, use a finisher, wait for it to stand up, and then knock it down with the jump attack to use the finisher again.


Galatine seems to be the unique non-fist melee weapon that does not use the charge attack as the basis for its finisher. Maybe it has a different set of stats for the finisher, but since no one has datamined that info, we really don't know.

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