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Frame Specified Mods.


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Good [time of day],


I have been playing for good while now and i just noticed that there aren't much mods for frames V polarity slot. I have only Continuity and Focus. I dont know if theres more. So i tought something and that made me think something else and so on until i started to think about Frame specified Mods. For exsample Mod that suits only for Rhino and rises Roars effect, or Mod that lengthens time Ash could be invisible.  I also thought that these mod polarities could be related to Prime versions extra polarity slots or for those polarized slots what frames allready has. What You, forum users and fellow gamers think about these kind of mods?


Saludos cordiales,



Edit: Changed y for capital Y in word You for more respect towards fellow gamers.

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Warframe specific mods? I'm pretty sure the are called powers...


The lack of V mods is an old problem, I've tried posting about it a couple times with almost total agreement in the comments, but DE doesn't seem to be very interested. Here's the thread if you care to revive it, I feel like I've bumped it too many times already:


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This is an idea similar to one that I posted about a while back.


I think it would be interesting to have frame specific mods, IF those mods enhanced specific powers in a new fashion, perhaps allowing a different style of play with that frame.


For example :


A mod that makes Volt's shock chain twice as much.

A mod that doubles the number of Ash's shurikens.

A mod that gives Nova's Null Star a chance to explode.


etc etc.

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