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How is stalker stoping my take no dmg riven challenge not an abuse by DE


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Hi there @dyewithasmile ^-^


To keep it short (and..well..to answer your question somewhat serious)
It is not an "abuse by DE". the Stalker is an enemy who can show up randomly during certain missions. It is not trolling nor bullying. It is an ingame mechanic.
If you are having trouble with the stalker showing up while trying to do a riven challenge, I suggest you just do 1 more mission. (it is very unlikely that he will show up 2 times in a row)
And here even aaaaa
No, it is not. Try another mission. Stalker is not always around you. Or just Tenno'up and kill him too - I believe in you!
They are called "Riven-Challenge" for a reason, so imo it shouldn't be always done in 2 min without a problem 😉

Good luck & have fun

PS: that's all the serious stuff I can say about that question^^'

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