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Hook should have an ACTUAL wind-up animation

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Like the title says, the enemies (e.g Scorpion, Ancients, etc..) should have an actual winding up animation when they're about to hook the player and gives the player chance to dodge it (like enemy has to wind up their hook for x seconds before they can hook the player).
It's so unrealistic to have an enemy that instantly hooks you without even the player noticing it.

Scorpions and Ancients are the best examples for this because they just throw their fists in the air and then a hook comes out of their hand to grab the player without any heads up is just pure annoyance and the winding up animation of an ancient is not even noticeable since the attack animations are the same and can't even tell what's the difference.

Range of the hook is already long and having an instant hook grab is not okay. It really should have a delay before they can hook the player.

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They've needed checks and balances since their introduction. To an extent they already have wind up time, what they need is a maximum tracking speed while winding up (like what Flux Rifle Crewman received early on, before that they had 100% aimbot tracking with their beams, if you were in their sights they were hitting you), combined with a MUCH more restricted cone of attack so that they can't literally hook you from behind themselves.

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