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The Triumvirate


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An almalgum of the failed weapon of infested flesh, the otherworldly manifestation of Sentient tech, bound together with the most advanced Orokin computer and technology to control both aspects. The creation would be their most powerful creation to deal with the threat both outside and in. It failed. In limited fashion it could be controlled but all attempts to use the full strength of either part would end up with one side going berserk or the computer utilizing too much force to suppress both. No matter which, the results were disasterous to those nearby.


Health 100-300

Shields 100-300

Energy  100-300

Armor  150


Passive: At 50% of higher health the Triumvirate has a 25% damage reduction from the Sentient portion of it's body, taking effect before armor and other damage reductions. At 49% Damage reduction is replaced by a Health regeneration that stops once health has reached 50%


1. Leech Toss

From the infested arm spawns a leech that the warframe tosses at enemies. The leech explodes on contact with a moving target. Should the toss miss the Leech will immediately crawl to the nearest enemy from where it lands. The force of the explosion is equal to half the Leech's life. Dealing viral damage to those within 2m range. 

Damage is affected by Power Str, Explosion and Toss range affected by Power Range, Power Efficiency affects energy cost. Power Duration affects life of Leech before exploding if no enemy is found.


2. Beam Sword

From the Sentient arm a beam of radiation(70%) and electric(30%) energy lashes from one side to the other in front of the warframe in a 130 degree arc.. The beam has infinite penetration to enemy targets and 1m penetration for enviormental. Damage of Beam is affected by Power Str. Arc and Length of beam is affected by Power Range. Power Efficiency affects energy cost. Power Duration has no effect.


3.  Target Lock

Marking a target the Orokin computer increases the Efficiency of weaponfire and power damage done to the enemy, making sure all strikes hit weak or flawed areas for maximum damage. Power Str affects how much damage is boosted. Power Range affects  range and number of enemies can be marked on a single pass. Power Efficiency reduces energy cost of the ability. Power duration affects how long the damage bonus from the Triumvirate weapons and skills lasts.


4. Dominate!

Bringing all powers to max unlocks the potential of the Infested and Sentient body parts. All 3 struggle for dominace with one rising to the top for a limited time. Should the infested take control it immediately begins spawning outwards to create an infested patch that will grasp enemies and drag them in to convert them into infested minions. The minions will fight on the Triumvirate's behalf for a duration before turning aggressive. Should the sentient take control the will unleash a blast upwards starting a destructive rain of energy to fall down all around the warframe damaging any enemies in range. However should the Orokin computer prove to dominate it will release a powerful suppresion field, quieting both the Sentient and Infested portions of the warframe. Any enemies or allies caught near the Warframe when this goes off are put to sleep for a duration of time.

Damage of Infested and Sentient is affected by Power Str. Range of Infested, Sentient and Orokin Computer is affected by Power Range. Power Efficiency reduces all energy costs of the 3 powers. Power Duration Affects the energy cost of the Infested Mass and how long the Infested Converts remain under control. It will affect how long and how often the energy strikes fall from the Sentient rain. It will affect how long enemies and allies remain asleep.

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