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looking for team mates


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Hi, until now i play solo, occasionally pub but never organised teams so looking for some other mostly solo players for squads and to make the grind a bit more fun. i have my own dojo because i wanted the challenge, only just started on the research but i dont need help with that ill get round to it. also just build the 111 amp so trying my hand at the eidelons, only solo so i dont annoy everyone, so looking for people to help me learn that, maybe grind some fortuna rep, arbitration runs, maybe endurance runs just for a bit of fun, maybe a sortie. just general stuff.

im mr19 but only really because i like to level and forma everything so i get a good feel for it before jumping into missions, im not a bad player just not hella pro. i play pretty much every day around the same times but yeah anyone who is also pretty solo let me know 🙂

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