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About gear balance response


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The core thought about this topic is here: I play Warframe, not Starcraft, Dota etc. The balance method -- weaken powerful or high usage weapons; enhance powerless or low usage weapons -- doesn’t match this action RPG and reduce players experience. The adjustment of base numerical data should achieve the goal: Players can get pleasure and sense of fulfillment. 

One source of the pleasure comes from multiple choices, which is the goal of gear balance. The high usage means a choice of a weapon or warframe is found. So weakening high usage weapons’ power will destroy the choices. Then players’ pleasure goes down. What the developers should do is not reducing the high usage gears power (or its numerical data) but enhancing low usage gears. This will expand players' choices. So the positive examples are remaking Vauban’s skills and Snipers Riven Disposition adjustment: improving Lanka and Vectis Riven Disposition, not reducing Rubico Prime’s Riven Disposition. 

One of sense of Fulfillment comes from what I have done is valuable now and in the future. A bad experience to me is weakening Catchmoon’s numerical data on range (40->20) and attenuation (-40% -> -90% at the end). In Sep 2019, I decided to gain first powerful AOE weapon catchmoon because I’ve known that it performed well although it has low Riven Disposition. After using 7 Forma and buying, upgrading prime mods, weakening numerical data came, which destroyed my sense of Fulfillment. I share this experience with my friends and members in clan. They feel the same. So when a powerful method video about a weapon uploaded online , these comments are frequent: “New xxx weapons are great now, but will be weakened in the future”, “Although it is powerful now, when I finish farming it, it will become weak. So I won’t do this nonsense things” …… The comments reflect the fear of the loss of fulfillment. And the fear is also bad for players’ pleasure and fulfillment. 

I value gear balance most not because “weakening the strong, enhancing the weak” is similar with Starcraft, but because gear balance can keep players’ fulfillment and let players explore weapons which were once weak and had low usage because their numerical data.

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I agree with you, but you are so hard to read 😄
There are so many interesting weapons in game that are just TOOOOOOO LOW in numbers that they are mr fodders since release. I don't get it why even make them if they are not used and never rebalanced. Don't people who did the work creating weapons feel bad that no one is using them?

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