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Gauss's Dash needs customizability. (brief little feedback post)


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The Dash of Gauss's multi-use ability called Mach Rush is only currently only affected by Efficiency and no other mods, i personally prefer the use of his Dash over his Rush and it bugs me that i have no way to make it "better" to me or change it up in any way other than just putting the two efficiency mods on my frame, that's just about the only thing i can do.

i dislike this lack of customizability his Dash has, there are other frames with customizable Multi-use abilities, you could customize the different uses of the ability, one frame can think of is Zephyr, she can use her Tail wind to hover, air dash, and dive bomb, each of those three different uses are all customizable in their own ways and are each affected by mods differently.

I would encourage the rework of his Dash to be effected by mods like his Rush is, making it so that you could get faster dash speed to get to that max range quicker and so you can cast it again after using it faster based on how high your duration is, a farther dash max dash range the higher your ability range is,or maybe both under duration sense Gauss is a very duration loving frame.


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