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Acolytes Event Suggestion


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First Things first: English is not my first language, but i'll do my best:

Only Rng on an yearly Event is imho "not so good" - perhaps this would be a better way:

Basic System:
Every Acolyte Dropchance: 100% a (new) Token
                                        i.e.  20% a Mod, and here like your Droptable (4%, 22%, 52%) for an "instant Reward Incentive"

A Shop (something like this little Guy in Cetus) where you can buy the mods directly per Tokens (i.e. 25->Gold, 15->Silver, 5-> Bronce)

More complicated and therefore perhaps Confusion would be, if every Acolyte has it's own Token and you can interchange them perhaps with an 2:1 Ratio.
That will correspond to the fact, that not every Acolyte drops every Mod, but you still have the Chance to get "your Mod".

You can only (directly) buy one of each Mod per Account - spare tokens perhaps interchangeable for Endo/Kuva/credits or (i hate to say it) a loot-Mod-Box for additional Mods

And, perhaps, not only once a year this Event?

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