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After last update, missed inputs.


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After the last update, or the one right before it (I am not sure), I noticed when playing with Fulmin in semi-auto mode (where this is more obvious, it happens with all weapons) sometimes the game loses inputs: ie, ignore whatever I clicked or button I pressed.


For example: running around shooting people in the face with Fulmin, then suddenly I see an enemy, click, nothing happen while ammo still is full, I get shot a bit, then I click again, and THEN it works.


I noticed even that with any semi-auto weapon I can't shoot as fast as specters can, it is as if the game was ignoring inputs half of the time or so, specters can shoot as soon is allowed, while I can't (or rather, I can but input fails).


Things were working fine before, so I would call this a new bug. Or a regression.

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