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Warframe: Reworks, revisits & QOLs of every frame

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On 2020-02-14 at 3:43 PM, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

Each enemy affected will reduce the restraint meter.

Lull already does this by 0.81% for each enemy affected.

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ok since i play grendel now, i am obligated to yet again review your rework...oh sorry, your "tweaks" since you get too mad when someone messes with these obvious synonyms.

On 2020-02-14 at 4:43 PM, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

Passive improvement: Enemies within a 50m radius will give him 20 armour.

Nope, makes no sense whatsoever, 0/10

On 2020-02-14 at 4:43 PM, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

1st ability:

·       Energy does not ramp up the longer you have an enemy in his gut.

the only thing you got right, and that's because it's what's everyone complaining about in grendel, eh 10/10

On 2020-02-14 at 4:43 PM, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

2nd ability:

·       When stomping the ground, enemies within a 15m radius receive a knockdown.

·       He receives 100 health per enemy digested.

·       Holding the ability will digest all enemies in his gut.

first change, why? why would you do that?

second change, health already ramps up based on digested enemy level 

third change, no thanks, i'd like to have enemies in my gut for ammo for his 1 and 3 as well as dealing maxium damage with 4, having nourish digest all enemies means a likelihood of these enemies die and loosing all my potential damage, he doesn't need to have all 4 of his abilities to deal damage, more proof that you never test warframes before you post your feedback

On 2020-02-14 at 4:43 PM, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

3rd ability:

(This ability should not be a separate ability and should be combined with his first ability and activated when holding the ability, which means he needs a new third ability)

·       Increase splash radius by 7m.

no thanks, his first ability is the best shotgun in the game, and far outperforms regurgitate, his third ability.

his third ability is great when you have less than 10 enemies in your gut and you want to get rid of them without any energy, deals good damage to fodder enemies, costs no energy, and has more range....if feast is the shotgun, then regurgitate is the long ranged rifle.

On 2020-02-14 at 4:43 PM, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

4th ability:

·       Make the handling easier and remove the inertia.

·       Make this ability not require an enemy in his gut to be able to activate it.

·       If there are no enemies in his gut, it should drain 5 energy a second.

let me just not waste anymore pixels and say no, no and yes

ah well, i'm gonna waste them anyway.

if the ability does not require enemies to activate it, then why do i use it? having at least 10 enemies in your gut while this ability is active makes it a powerful DPS ability, that utilizes your movement, height from the ground and momentum to deal insane damage to enemies inside your gut and decent damage to enemies around you, this is such a useless and unneeded change

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26 minutes ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

SO what do you think about my ideas for Nyx?

Passive New: If Nyx`s health is below 50%, enemies attacking her will be put to sleep.

·       There is a 3 second window for enemies to be affected.

·       After the 3 second window is up it won`t activate again unless Nyx`s health is full.

·       Enemies will be put to sleep for 3 seconds.

·       There is no range limit on enemies put to sleep.

"This one is decent"


1st ability REWORK:

Nyx sends out a telekinetic wave that levitates enemies in the air. Deactivating the ability will turn them in to a projectile shooting them across the room.

·       Enemies will be levitated for 15 seconds.

·       The wave range is 15m and is sent out as a cone.

·       Enemies affected and hit will receive a decreased damage output by 70% for 12 seconds.

·       You can aim the lifted enemies in the direction of where the radicle is.

·       The duration of enemy de-buff can be increased by duration mods.

·       It can be cast in the air.

"It be better if just stun them for few seconds while reduce their damage output for the duration"

"add the levitation to mag's idea"


·       Depending on the chosen energy colour, there will be an aura around the affected enemies.

"im confused, what colour means what does it do? you didnt put any specific colour for its function"

·       Since it’s all about controlling the enemy It should do more than just fight for you. The controlled enemy can hack alarms off for you and if there are traps around (electric trap, magnetic door barrier) it should be able to disarm them. (or add it to the 3rd ability)

·       Make it to where you can either make it stay in one spot or follow you. For it to stay you have to go over to it and interact with it but if you want it to follow you, you have to hold the ability to do so.

·       Shooting at it should also increase its movement speed.

"if these three specific functions are the colour youre talking about, shouldnt this ability be more like a wheel skill similar to Vauban's mine?"

·       (augment) deactivating the ability will kill the enemy which will spread to other enemies in close range, attacking each other for half the duration.

"instant kill by pressing button instead with base damage stat is bad, put atleast 500 slash damage with duration"

2nd ability:

·       Make it de-buff all eximus units.

"Psychic Bolts always debuff eximus now just in case you barely play Nyx since her rework in 2018 something"

·       Pressing the ability will deal 500 damage to enemies while holding the ability will strip enemies’ defences.

"What type of damage?"

·       This ability has a combo window. The more it`s used the more damage it does, the less energy it takes. (ability press)

"remove Less Energy cost mechanic, if the damage type always proc its status, it become stronger than Ash's shuriken ability"

3rd ability:

·       Nyx has the option to cycle through three different commands. Enemies affected can either fight against each other, run away in fear or fall to the ground brain dead.

·       You can change enemies` behave while the ability is active.

·       If Nyx is shooting an enemy while they are in the animation state, the enemy will accumulate the damage you deal to it and will convert to extra damage, increase its movement speed by 20% and will fight for you.

·       Enemy stun and invulnerable window when shooting at a enemy last for 3 seconds.

·       The controlled enemy can hack alarms off for you if near one and if there are traps around (electric trap, magnetic door barrier) it can disarm them.

·       You can make it either stay in one spot or follow you by interacting with it.

·       FIX: In interception, enemies will still hack the terminal while under the effects of it and even if enemies are near them.

"So this ability have wheels but have active state, does it consume energy per second?"

"Again confused, list them which skill set give command and name them"

4th ability:

·       Make her move at the same speed as jogging. (while in her meditate stance)

"Its invulnerable for Nyx as known as godmode, if you need to move without using absorb augment, it need to cost more energy"

·       It pulls aggro from enemies.

"This already in the rework"

·       If cast in the air she will be stationary and have a 30% chance for enemies to be hermitized into slowly moving closer to Nyx in a 50m radius. If allies or companions get within 20m of the enemy, it will break the hermeticism making the enemies attack them.

"the range for hermitize should be atleast 30m but must have max range to 50m"

·       You can use weapons while inside it. 30% of the weapon`s damage will be converted into status damage from the weapon Nyx is using to the absorption damage.

"weapon usage while in absorb is her Augment"

"30% of the weapon`s damage will be converted into status damage from the weapon Nyx is using to the absorption damage, is this where she shoot her own Absorb bubble? please explain"

·       Whatever enemy is shooting at nyx will be affected by the explosion no matter the distance. Enemies in close damage range will take damage and enemies outside that will receive a knockdown and the status affects from whatever weapons you`re using.

"So you have to shoot yourself within Absorb to change the Absorb damage into status type? Its preferable through this,

Any current equipped weapon, for example i used braton prime with corrosive, slash, impact, and puncture the absorb will use these damage type and explode to it to the enemy depending on their weakness from these damage types. so if grineer mostly take damage from corrosive than puncture, then it deals 100% corrosive damage to them. but if theres infested who weak to slash damage, it should deal 100% slash damage to them."

"but this idea i gave you must be only at her Augment"

·       Remove the ability for allies to be able to shoot it.

"Its preferable to let allies to shoot bubble due to adding more types of damage available against all enemies"

·       It won`t drain energy unless Nyx is being attacked.

"If you let Nyx meditate while in jogging speed, this be too powerful due to not taking energy per second, this should be different augment"

·       (Synergy) If you aim your radical at an enemy and use the 1st ability, Nyx will propel herself forward to the enemy in a 15m radius. This will also deactivate the ability.

·       (Synergy) You can cast other abilities while using 4th ability and will cost half the energy.

·       (Synergy) If you use the 2nd ability, when deactivating the 4th ability, the de-buff will spread to enemies the survive the blast.

"these synergies are great except the first one, just use the 4th ability to *travel* by facing through the reticle with 15m range once she reach destination, then it blast"

"put more details on the ideas so other people can understand"

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On 2020-08-31 at 2:40 PM, XenMaster said:


Before I get into it I have added something to her concept, instead of her just having mind control abilities she can use psychokinesis which make her 1,2 and 4th ability make sense and there`s not much you can do with mind control.


  • I appreciate you liking the passive.
  • Soz I meant the colour of the aura around the enemies affect will depend on the chosen energy colour.
  • Ok I need to clarify, the controlled enemy is if DE decide to keep the 1st ability including the augment part.

2nd ability

  • I know but it dosen`t work on all eximuses.
  • I`m not sure about the damage, maybe impact for the stagger puncture and radiation.
  • You do have a point.

3rd ability

  • While the duration of the ability is active you can change the enemies behaviour by switching on the wheel, I would probably say switching while active will cost energy maybe 10 energy when switching. Unfortunately I not good at coming up with ability names so i`ll just say ally, fear and crippled.

4th ability

  • I agree to a certain extent.
  • I`m aware and just to correct you nyx didn`t get a rework she got a revisit.
  • The reason I said 50m is coz I made it so it can help the team by distracting them.
  • When you shoot within it whatever statuses you have on the weapon you`re using 30% of it will be added to her 4th. Idk If I mentioned this but you can`t kill enemies with your guns while within it. 
  • Yes all the damage is built up within it. I like that, whatever damage you add to it will be added depending on what their weakness is, this shows that she knows the mind of her enemies which is why she can distribute to different enemy types.
  • I see what you`re saying be allies shooting it just drains her energy even more (if i`m not mistaken) so this is not necessary plus most ppl don`t do that or even know that`s a thing.
  • You do have a point, probably just lower the amount of energy it consumes.
  • The point of this is to make her move faster while her 4th is active but to not make it op it deactivates but I do like the blast idea you mentioned, maybe after the pull it blasts the enemy she targeted..


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As main Valkyr I quite like OP idea which allow her use her exalt weapon since skill1 specialize after I just get my hand on Hildryn. but I still miss Ripline (since I didn't like using operator dash that much) If I could change skill 1 I would be like.

[Talon Assault]

- Valkyr can use her claw attack enemies while also steal their health, Aiming while using this abilities allow Valkyr to pull herself toward enemies or target with Ripline.

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On 2020-09-16 at 9:22 AM, TGHoly said:


It kind of works like ripline the only difference is that you pounce on enemies instead of pulling them to you and you have to hold the ability to dash in the air so i`s not completely gone.

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This is something I ask ppl in-game but I’m going to do something different. I don`t want ppl to state the obvious warframe that need a rework, revisit or QOL (Nyx, Chroma, Hydroid etc) I’m interested in the frame’s other ppl don`t think needs a lookover but you think it needs one.

Also, I would like for you to give a description as to why that frame needs a rework, revisit or QOL, and don`t give a frig what ppl think it`s your personal reason why the frame needs a lookover .

Just to answer my own question, I think Ash needs a revisit, as for the reasons why, I won`t go over them coz I have a post up already explaining my reasons, but here is a small snip from my post;

At the time ash was ranked the number 1 favourite warframe by votes on Mogamu`s channel in 2016. Now he is one of the least played warframe stated by DE themselves on life of rio`s video in 2018.


Mogamu`s vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adLohAFoWQc

Life of rio`s vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJRx6oTxF1Y



This shows that since his revisit (nerf) he`s not only unpopular but one of the least used frame so much so that ppl were selling his set for 20p.


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Edit: Nekros

2nd ability

·       Within a 15m radius from Nekros, enemies will run away from him, the closes Nekros it to the enemy, the faster they run.

·       If the enemies affected are outside of the 15m radius they won`t run away anymore.

·       While active, enemies will topple and fall over when trying to run away from you.

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This is something I ask ppl in game but i`ll do something different this time, don`t tell me the obvious frame that need changes (Nyx, Chroma, Hydroid etc) I want to know what frame you personally think needs a lookover that is unpopular to other ppl and give a descriptive reason to why you think they need changes.

To answer my own question, Ash needs a revisit as to why, I have already done a post that explain my reasons so you can go and check it out.

Remember this is just your opinion, it doesn’t matter what others think.

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13 minutes ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

Remember this is just your opinion, it doesn’t matter what others think.

13 minutes ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

don`t tell me the obvious frame that need changes

Boy do you not make a lot of sense. 

This kinda just feels like an excuse to plug your Ash thread, which is odd, because you've never needed an excuse before now.

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4 hours ago, DeMonkey said:

This kinda just feels like an excuse to plug your Ash thread

Same goes for a particular person who possesses an irrational hatred of Revenant.

Titania still feels like she needs faster casting animations. It's contradicting her nimble nature as a fairy.

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Imo, the ones that need a rework are


Inaros all abilities 

Chroma all abilities 

Hydroid his 2 is badly animated, 3 is boring, 4 has a boring theme

Mesa her 1,and 2 and 3 are, imo, badly designed (ill explain why only if someone asks) 

Mag 1 and 2 need synergy 

Most exalted weapons need alot of work 




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On 2020-09-23 at 3:07 AM, Tiltskillet said:

It doesn't get talked about nearly enough, but Banshee needs a deep footwear rework.  I mean, I love her to death...but what the hell happened there??


Agreed, I like her also. To me she`s meant to be a stealth warframe but she is not good at it plus she`s the opposite of Ash, she better in a team then by herself.

I have come up with some ideas to improve her abilities, the main focus of this is for her to be affective playing solo and to improve her stealth capabilities;



NEW Passive: Depending on the level of noise in the environment will determine the weapons and abilities performance.

·       There is a sound indicator showing the volume level of noise.

·       If there is no sound, weapons will be silenced.

·       If there is noise in the environment, her ability strength will increase based on the level of noise.

·       Sounds that Banshee makes does not add to the volume gauge.


1st ability:

·       Enemies hit will receive a 30% slower knockdown recovery.

·       Enemies that hit a hard surface will take more damage.

·       It can reflect projectile weapons back at enemies.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       Can break breakable objects.


2nd ability:

·       Can be used on the move.

·       (Synergy) Enemies affected take increase damage from her 1st and 4th ability.


3rd ability:

·       Enemies will notice you within a 10m of their vision.

·       Enemies will have a slower reaction time when noticing you (if you stand in front of them it will take them 3 seconds until they react to your presents)

·       If you hold the ability, you can control how far the ability reaches based on how much range it has.

·       Show the radius of the ability.

·       Put an indicator above enemies’ head to show how quickly they will be alerted by seeing you. (like stealth games)

·       If enemies are alerted, casting this ability will revert them back to being un-alerted however they will still be alerted if the alarms are on or if you are in their sights.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       Remove muffled sound and instead increase the volume of the noises that enemies make, making her aware of enemies’ position (wearing headphones will increase the usefulness of this ability).

·       (Synergy) If you use after casting the 2nd ability, you can see enemies through walls. It will also give you 4.0 punch-through on weapons. (can be increased by strength mods)


4th Ability:

·       Increase cast speed.

·       Enemies will be suspended in the air.

·       After being cast, you can now move around while active.

·       It drains 6 energy a second.

·       After deactivation, enemies will have their accuracy reduced by 80%.

·       Can break breakable objects.

·       (Synergy) because this makes continues noise, the volume gauge will be at its highest as long as the ability is active.


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Even though this is a bait thread, Loki.

Decoy and Switch Teleport do basically nothing, they need to roll those abilities into a tap/hold one and give some secondary effects to them and give Loki a real 3rd ability.

Now watch with amazement as a hoard of rabid Loki fans try to explain how switching places with a single enemy is the highest level of usefulness in the game currently when we have abilities that both impair and strip armor/shields for less energy cost.

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10 hours ago, Aldain said:

Even though this is a bait thread, Loki.

Decoy and Switch Teleport do basically nothing, they need to roll those abilities into a tap/hold one and give some secondary effects to them and give Loki a real 3rd ability.

Now watch with amazement as a hoard of rabid Loki fans try to explain how switching places with a single enemy is the highest level of usefulness in the game currently when we have abilities that both impair and strip armor/shields for less energy cost.

I've never seen one argue that it's good against enemies.  (Ditto for Valkyr's Ripline, and that actually causes damage.  Barely.)  Every time I've seen someone defend it, it was essentially for the troll potential.  Pulling "n00b" players in front of Lephantis, punishing someone they assume is AFK, yanking someone back out of / into the extraction zone for the lulz.

Switch Teleport is useless, and Decoy is barely better.  For Decoy, the main problem is that it can take damage.  And is extremely fragile.  Now that Helminth is a thing, I'll probably swap out Decoy for either Resonator or Mind Control, assuming I want powers that do "basically the exact same thing but suck less."  Both even more or less still fit with Loki's theme of basically just messing with enemies with powers that don't do any real direct damage.  (Mind Controlled enemies barely do any damage to *each other,* even if you snagged something that can one-shot a player.  Because their armor, shields and HP still scale up *way* faster than their damage output.)

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In my opinion a lot of them need a rework of revisit for a better functionality in comparision to newer frames but a few of them are in realy more needy for a balancing, for exemple: Inaros since his 2 and 3 turn out to be bad at longer missions and are way to slow and clunky, Chroma which 1 and 4 are nearly useless in most cases as he is already too energy consuming on his kit, Hydroid since most of his abilities don't seem to synergise with each other or are way too much left behind/out dated statwise and obviously Excalibur since his 1 and 3 are literaly useless even while using their augments ( Not to mention Exalted Blade, Valkyr Talons and Iron Staff which were left behind on Melee 2.9 Rework need a buff asap ). 

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Im realy afraid that DE made this Helminth system as a excuse to stop or slow down the warframe's reworks, and the fact the Rebecca said on a recent Dev stream that the team or at least some people responsible for changes like this were on vacation was realy was too much coincidental to me...

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Make eclipse display the actual amount of damage because it depends on light level. 
Some people don't even know it changes based on light level and I for example don't know the minutia of it because of the lack of belling.   Like when I have 50% of the max light buff do I also get 50% of the dr?  How bright does it need to be for the max? does the dark DR also change?   I am almost as blind sided by this abilities lack of UI as I would be staring into an actual eclipse and if that is some kind of deliberate meme you need to make that more clear. 

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