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Crit chance over 200% doesn't always work for Clients

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What exactly happens? Your crits become yellow, when they're supposed to be orange or red most of the time. I did some testing and find out that:

1) it doesn't depend on kavats' buffs;

2) it's not connected to the Vigilante set procs;

3) it never happens if you're hosting or soloing;

4) it doesn't depend on whether it's an AOE blast or a direct impact;

5) it doesn't matter whether the shots're fully charged or not;

6) it's not a recent bug, it has been in the game for years (can't say exactly for how long, but I've got this Dread riven around 2016-7, and first noticed it happening during that time; thought it was a bow thing though, so didn't bother to report).


Posting my builds (know they're meh) and proofs below:




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Added the sixth fact about it

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