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Orokin Derelict Cost



I finally got around to playing one of the Orokin Derelict missions (I really enjoyed the new tile set), but I was wondering how the cost is justified in the market? It costs 1,500 to purchase key and 5,000 to make. Upon completion I got 3,900, plus a few mutagen samples. I haven't gotten too much into the dojo item crafting yet, so am wondering if the mutagen samples are really worth the credit loss?

(I tend to be more of a casual player and do not usually have huge stockpiles of credits.)

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over time you'll have overflows of credits like everyone else. if you play slower, you'll get to that point of having millions of credits a bit slower.

i can't spend credits fast enough. i'll spend 150k upgrading mods, and throughout the entire day, still come out with a net gain -_-

not that i'm complaining though, i'm not spending all my time farming resources, i can actually enjoy the game.


also, the 2500 credits won't be a big deal in too long. do some of those high Credit Alerts, play Void missions, etc.

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