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Thanks for Watching Devstream #138! TennoCon July 11!

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Can we expect Operation: Scarlet Spear to be competitive or a community Operation?

This would really help players prepare if they need to if they are in a competitive clan. Thanks!

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I always enjoy hearing about how the sound team comes up with some of the sounds they use. Tiger roar and alligator, I love it!

Thanks to Reb and the sound team, that was a lot of fun.

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7 hours ago, Schia5 said:

Thanks. I haven't had a problem with drops for months now but for some reason it didn't work for this stream.  Unlinked and relinked but FYI.

 I had the same problem as well.

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Some questions I have - if DE decides to check this post of mine:


Weapon ideas: Would like to be able to use the Concu staff, Batta 'rifles', and Mimic weapon, in their unaltered form - being mounted on upsized Amp chassis to be able to attach to a Warframe properly?
Concu: would be a staff with a unique whirlwind heavy attack that is sustainable, but drains from combo counter until it hits something. During this, the Warframe takes much less damage - mimicking a Conculyst.
AkBatta: a pair of Batta cannons on either arm. So long as they have ammo, your aimglide has infinite duration. Battery-powered.
[PH]Mimic_Weapons: a pair of [PH]Mimic_Weapons which have beam, burst, and auto fire-modes, also arm-mounted. Crouching with this allows you to mimic the level's objects, but drains ammo. Battery-powered.

Enemies: What happened to the body-replacing dropship, gunships (miniature/fluctuating size-versions of Hunhow as seen in the Plains), and quadrupedal Sentient mech/tank?
Dropship: this was seen in one of the pre-Sacrifice Devstreams in a semi-working condition. As the New War approaches, I would like to see it become a frequent presence.
Ships: while they may initially appear to resemble Hunhow - unmistakably so, making their fighting style reminiscent of the RAPTOR-2 bosses and altering the appearance a little (i.e: revealing their central shell to be the normal, but up-sized Fighter drone or that of a dropship) may alleviate this, and add a large, new threat to the Night Plains as well as open missions near the Sentient incursions.
Quadrupedal Sentient: this would be an alternate source of the Shedu armcannon that would be accompanied by a Ropalolyst or Teralyst bossfight on Lua taking place in a large arena where Natah drops hints about the Scarlet Spear while asking us questions (which we could perhaps answer in miniature cutscenes during the fight which can be skipped if this was already done once).




His pre-Shadow version and his weapons are still missing PBR.
Will his weapons have a Sentient-upgraded variant for each so that he can engage us at range. 
Will War be updated with a modified charge attack that hurls exalted blade bolts and drain energy/combo counter to fire them? Heavy blades feel a bit samey right now. May be the lack of stances.

Will we get access to some form of Stalker Mode soon?





These are starting to show their age. Same with the Orokin Tower tilesets - namely some regions with those very tight, dark DOOM/Quake-textured passages.

Enemies: all Corrupted should be using Prime weapons, and rather just be normal enemies with Prime accessories, Corrupted mask, and Void FX fogging up their appearance.
Their old incoherent mumbling deserves to return, but mixed together with their normal and pre-Corrupted lines at random - like with digi-Lotus. Newly Corrupted enemies would have their weapons coloured to the Prime palette and have their energy colour locked to the same.

Prime Warframe Spectres should also appear as minibosses in the Void Towers, equipped with their entire Prime Access content, with a chance to drop parts for themselves and their weapons, Forma, or parts for a Dax nikana (with 'reload' being bound to swapping between a cold, fast, short-range and a fire, slow, long-range blade; crafting costs two nikanas), sidearm (which would include a Lato in it's creation process) and primary weapon (which would include a Braton in it's crafting process) styled after Teshin's Orvius.

New weapon ideas:
Dax-series Nikanas: swap between short/fast/cold and long/slow/heat blades of visibly different lengths, heavy attacks use both in dual-sword fashion. Same as any Dax nikana pair.
Dax-series pistol(s): alt-fire equips a second pistol, turning it from a single to a dual weapon at the cost of 2x-slower reload, 2x-larger magazine, and 2x-faster fire-rate. These are full-auto when zoomed, but fire in bursts of 3 when un-zoomed. Visually reminiscent of Lex and Lato series.
Dax-series rifle: with built-in ammo mutation and ability to swap to a flamer and a grenade launcher, with it's main fire being an auto-burst. Visually reminiscent of Ignis, Corinth, and Braton Prime.
Dax-series throwing knives: subsequent hits on enemies increase critical chance, status chance, and damage. Should visually resemble Despair and the .
Dax-series staff/polearm: a bronze, bladed staff that can use both staff and polearm stances.



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That Corpus gunblade looks amazing!

Sound team: let's get some INFRASOUND paired up with critical points in the story or scary/frantic point for a more ominous feel (infested context).

"Infrasound" is what makes your hair stand on end or feel tension in scary movies, it's largely overlooked in games. (for readers, the sound guys know this)

That being said, I'm a fan, and I love the MOA!

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