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Companion config cleared, error "selected item has not yet been loaded"


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I ran into a bug while configuring mods on a companion. As best I can recall, this is the sequence of events:

1. Opened the upgrade window for one of my Kavats.

2. Removed a mod, and swapped in another.

3. Click "Mods" button to go to mod-fusion interface. Fuse a mod (in this case, it happened to be Flame Gland).

4. Return to the mod screen to find it empty - all mods removed from the Kavat.

5. Close config screen and try to reopen it (figuring it might be a visual glitch). The error below resulted (this only happened for the Kavat I was working on; other companions loaded their config screens fine). 


Logging out and logging back in let me access the companion in question again, but its mod configuration remains empty, as you can see below:


I could not reproduce this with a different companion (a moa) so it may be a one-time weird fluke, a network hiccup, whatever.

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Me and a friend of mine has had this happen to both of us at the same time.

We only noticed after about an hour of standing around talking in our orbiter that we cannot find our Kavats.

Both of our Kavats were gone, cannot be found around the ship, cannot be interacted with.

They can be equipped, but the mods cannot be customized.

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Have had this issue happen when pet (either kavat or kubrow) is loaded in companion loadout section.
When i go to access Companion Loadout, 'Upgrade' tab, in arsenal game tells me 'Selected Item has not been loaded...'
If put pet in stasis and take it out of stasis, pet will reappear in orbiter and can then select 'Upgrade' tab in arsenal.

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Just ran into this myself. Made a brand new Vasca Kavat. I potato'd it, added some mods, then I took out some mods to make space for another one. When I added the other one, all of my cat's stats went to 0 and he disappeared. Then I got this message when trying to mod him again.

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It's a hiccup between you and the server trying to load your information from the server. I've had a few server not responding and disconnects since the end of last week, but I haven't been switching companions much or I'm sure I'd have seen those as well. If other internet things seem fine on your end, it could be on DE's end, but it can also just be problems along the way.

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