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Railjack Turrets


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I was thinking about this back when Railjack first launched during the initial experience of the content, but it's on my mind even more now as the Railjack experience improves (and they're clearly planning a larger Railjack content patch soon).

Why do the pilot and side gunner turret placements share turrets from the same pool?

To me, this makes no sense. While the Railjack is exceedingly maneuverable for a ship of its size (moves more like a helicopter than a "ship" from my perspective), it feels weird to be sitting in the pilot seat, flying circles around small interceptors while pewpewing away with rapid fire guns. In fact, this sorta defeats the purpose for having side-guns on a ship in the first place. Wouldn't the point of having side-mounted turrets be to have gunners specifically handling small enemy craft that outmaneuver the ship?

So I want to propose a change to how Railjack turrets are set up. I want to see Pilot and Side turrets pull from different pools of weaponry, similar to how Warframes can equip Primary and Secondary weapons. The idea being that the Pilot turrets offer hard-hitting, slow-firing, target-tracking weaponry (sort of like a "missile" turret, but different from the actual missiles we have), while the Side turrets stay as they are (maybe with a bit more increased range for, say, Cryophon and Apoc, not sure).

We can name them "Main" and "Auxillary" turrets, to make it a bit more stylish. Or maybe stick to Primary and Secondary, for consistency.

This would free up the pilot to focus more specifically on actually piloting, while still contributing damage in a fire-fight that doesn't directly affect his flying. This is the primary reason that Cryphon has been such a popular choice for the Pilot guns - they fire slow and hit hard, meaning you don't need to be spinning the ship around as you chase down a persistent little bugger.

As an optional addition to this: If the general consensus is that there's still a "need" for having two different types of turret from the current pool, add a "rear turret" placement down in the engineering bay, right beside the Forges, that pulls from the same pool as the Side turrets. This also allows one person, specifically designated as the "engineer" of the crew, to more easily switch between using turrets and keeping the Forges working.

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The reason for this is that despite Railjack's current state, DE nevertheless still planned for it to be solo-capable. Considering the majority of what we fight is enemy Fighters, barring the pilot from using anti-Fighter weapons would hard-limit the crew to a minimum of two players. Not just that, but it also hard-limits even a large crew to always having at least one person on the side guns at all times. To me, this kind "mandatory stations" design is unnecessary and only serves to give busywork to people who might want to do other things.

In my experience with Railjack, the Turrets are there to give people something to do when nothing else is going on. If there are no boarders to fight or holes to plug or things to craft, you sit on the side guns and pitch into the fight, unless and until something else pops up. The side guns don't exist to serve a separate role, but rather to add DPS to the pilot whenever other players are free to do so. Trying to give them a distinct, separate role just makes Railjack more fiddly. Hell, I'd argue the Forward Artillery itself didn't really need to be a separate station.

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