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Mobile defence is broken


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Hello technical support team, dev team, and fellow tenno.

I am here to post that Mobile defence are broken.

I shall provide the causes of why mobile defence would be broken. Here by explaining what problems have been the cause of mission defence errors.

I shall provide the effects of why such causes would broke a mobile defence run. Here by explaining the such effects would mess up gameplay.

I shall provide how this issues affects the player. Ensuring explanation for the consequences for players having a mobile defence issues.

I shall offer personal opinions to these claims.

I shall provide my  suggestions to improving the mobile defence missions. In can hope something positive comes after this.

Causes of Reasons

The mobile defence mission would a normal run at starting up the matchmaking session. Trival it would seem when a datamass would just cease to exist to players. At first glance, the issue was just inconvenience and later later the problem presents itself. One figures from what has happen what could of  happened?

The reasons could be:

>The main reason is the datamass would sometimes not spawn on the map.

          -Simply having the datamass not                 spawn would cause the mission                 to be unclear-able. 

>The second reason that players whom which has the datamass would sometimes quit out of the mission.

          - Players that are not the host while                     having the datamass have a                         higher chance of despawning                      the datamass when quitting                         out of a mobile defence.

           - Host migration would happen if                       the host leaves the misson.                         Ensuring the datamass to                             despawn after reconnecting                         to mission with a different                           host.                    

>The thrid reason is host migration.

          - Either by latency on network or                            players connections to game                      client would reboot the                                  session  causing the                                      datamass to despawn out of                      the mission.

Effects of Cause

> With the persisting cause would make the mission stalemated unable to complete. The player would be punished by having to abort the mission. One would frustrated that a normal run has became problematic. Players would have to about mission.

              - By aborting the mission. The.                            player would have to accept                         quitting from the mission.                            Putting a quit mark on a                                player's account. This can                            leave awards and time not                            being compensated due to.                          bug forcing players to quit a.                        mission in progress.

The Underlying Issue

> Players would need make a gamble on if the misson would or would allow the player to percede as normal form the session matchmaking. The question comes to mind when the datamass isnt present during then mission and decision is;

Should a play the mission alittle longer hoping the problem to resolve itself or leave the mission and accepting to quit. The Consequence on deciding:

              - Time could be wasted by                                 mobile defence runs                                     glitching up unannounced                           during gameplay.

               - Mission failure could come.                           as an chance of happening.                         during the mission was rage.                       quited by players.

Mission failures comes around during the host migration. The may not be able to move during host migration; but, the enemies and the objects are happening real-time. 

               - Host migration has always                             been an issue in warframe.                          The face that the player has                        to wait on the server to                                 progress the session while                           npcs act in the session would                     fail the game.

" Enemies can act real-time leaving the objective defenseless during host migration" 

My personal opinions

>I feel as thourgh this issue about the mobile defence could be handled better than it has now.

There wasnt enough insight Dev teams and tech support could pick up on game bugs soft locking a mission.

The host migration is quite the big issue here and may be the cause of some failures in game mechinics in regards to object placement.

> I have checked on other threads regarding the some game mechanics geing gitched and bug out due to host migration. There has to a game mechanic that check if the scripts are running properly or the very least a game mechanics could count the objects in a game session to ensure game quality.

If I have noticed by such solutions already being placed, I completely apologize for mistake of such counters on game bugs distributing game quality. I still feel as though it needs to be addressed.

My suggestions

As stated above in regards to my opinions on game bugs and host migration. 

I suggest that:

There should by an in-game script that checks if all objects in a mission of a type has all existing objects needed to type of available and is accessible to players.

When there is host migration from players quiting or from server latency. There should be a pop-up in game that alerts the plays that there was a host migration. The option to report a host migration as a bug or instance that has occured.

By reporting host migrations as they happen could report unforseen problems with matchmatch and or possibly a pardon form a mission that have mission objects bugged out.


I appreciate all those who have reed by post about mobile defence runs being broken. I accept feedback on the matter by reference and by interest of being awared of such issue.

I will highly appreciate the dev team and the technical support team to view the contents at least. I shall be grateful when issues are addressed and hopefully. 


Again thank you all for reviewing this post.

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Script(s) to maintain the datamass are overhead for the host player.  Checking to see if the datamass even spawned properly should be simple enough on paper.  Calling the position and/or velocity vector of the datamass is likely something that already happens, and could be used a bit more often in some fringe cases where it respawns after a mission node has been completed.

A chat command could be given to the players to rescue the datamass if it has become unreachable for one reason or another.

A chat command to reload the level if it failed to load properly would be helpful, too.

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Hidden vectors could influence the datamass to go anywhere on the map, such vectors could send a datamass into an out of bounds location.

I can see that suggestion you made. Using command lines to retrieve the datamass in such of an even as out of bounds. 

I shall consider physics collision as an idea to future topics i may present. 

May I make a retort or two. About countering the physics on the variable vectors in an enviroment such player or enemy fire. 

If the player have lost the datamass. The game issue a new datamass through chat command line. I would add, the game would send gear to the player they could use to recall datamass only if there is no viable pathway to the datamass. 

My other idea goes in hand with your idea of a dispenser next mission node. I have alternative for dispensers for putting out mission item such as the datamass. In a specialized room that dispenses datamass.

Or maybe, two options together.

Through the chat command line when the game doesnt sense or find a clear pathway to a datamass. The game will send a gear which only be used at the terminal in a specialized room that dispenses a datamass to a player.

I hope my thought to your idea is inline with your thoughts. I can see your idea would be great improvement to mobile defence runs and other mission that has a mission item or object.

Thanks for your feedback 

Good day to you



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